My journey to becoming an O2 graduate – Jason Edwards


The O2 Graduate Scheme, it’s been 9 months on the program and I feel like a core part of my team and organisation. If you were like me, you left university (or leaving) and didn’t really know what you want to do, then keep reading, because I was in the same boat!

I graduated from Staffordshire University with a Bachelors in Networking and Computer Forensics and I know what you’re thinking, I work in the telecommunications industry. Now when I was trying to decide what I wanted to do, I looked at various graduate schemes, knowing that I love technology and a fast past environment. That’s where I landed with the O2, I always liked the brand (being on the network helped) and I like what they stood for, I had some friends who worked for the organisation and they truly loved their job.

I applied through the technology sector and before I knew it, I was completing the online tests, being invited to the assessment day (which wasn’t anything that I expected!) and later receiving a job offer and I landed the role of Digital Learning Specialist.

The O2 Graduate scheme has been a really great experience, you instantly create a new social network of 40 other graduates, all going through the same experience, all thinking the same thing and as I write this, I know I’ve made some friends for life. The Graduate scheme opens a lot of doors for you, within our business you’re viewed as the ‘elite group’, you’re watched closely and progress is monitored, how to impact the organisation and your role and wider team.

We get full support from our line managers, wider team and just about anyone you talk to, we are put through a series of training courses, leadership management and pretty much anything you can think of!

With the support of my managers and senior leaders, they’re allowing me to branch out across my directorate and gain more skills and experiences. O2 is truly an exciting place to work and I hope you all make the right decision and apply! Who knows, we might bump into each other one day in the business!

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