Newcastle Artist Aidan Martin on his new release “Good Things Take Time” & opening up about Depression!


Aidan Martin is a Singer & Songwriter from Newcastle. After a long journey of struggling with self-acceptance and a period of drug use and excessive lifestyle, Aidan finally found a method of healing by making music. We caught up with the artist following the release of his latest song “Good Things Take Time”. A single, which he admits changed him. Having never written a song about his struggles with addiction before. Working on this latest record, he explains, supported the artist in moving forward with his artistic journey.

“I’m so glad I did it. That I found the courage to share my story. I think I realised that only in sharing our truth can we help others”. 

Choosing the path of Music

Aidan’s path into music began at 11 years old. He explains how he ended up writing his first song at the age of 16 and instantly fell in love with the craft. Pointing out it wasn’t until he reached 26 that someone in the industry heard him from their balcony and asked him to work with them in the studio. Since then he never stopped. 
The Newcastle artist describes his music as quite sad. He explains how he enjoys being able to connect to a lyric and express what he has been through in song; in turn connecting with the listener. “I feel confident in expressing my emotions as a man, I think in this world, fueled by so much toxic masculinity, that can be hard to come by”.

Overcoming Depression

Aidan opens up about facing depression and anxiety in his life. Hitting the artist at the age of 21, he explains how he was living a life of excess. Highlighting how addictions send your mental health into turmoil and that was his reality. “I worked really hard to fight back and that’s what I did. With a lot of self love and self discovery, I found what was important to me again”. 

Finding people in the music industry that share his vision has been vital according to the artist. Going onto explain that it can take a long time to find “your people”. Pointing out that when you do so, it changes everything. Referencing his co-producer, Aidan explains how he was a huge catalyst for the artist in making the music he loves and making music that feels authentic. His advice in life is to find those that connect to you, and never give up. To stay true to yourself and to not stop believing in yourself.

He goes onto highlght his greatest challenge as conquering his demons at 26 years old. Seeing his potential was never easy, he explains; althoug he feel that he has finally stepped out of the shadow of his past and created his own direction. With his new record out [Easy]; the artist is focused on making as much noise about his music as possible.#watchthisspace