German Artist AVAION on “She Dance” & The Ever Challenging Road


I think the special thing about my music is that I do every step by myself. Lyrics, instrument recordings, beat, vocals … Everything is created in my bedroom with a low budget setup. That should show that there are no excuses or limits Everything is possible .Just be patient, never stop! – AVAION

Growing up, AVAION found himself surrounded by music from very early in his childhood. With a father who was a famous musician in Romania, the artist explains how he learnt everything he knows about music from his father.  “I started to learn instruments and later the production of whole songs.” Opening up how music has always been his greatest love, motivation, meditation and stimulation.

She Dance

AVAION’s new song “She Dance” holds a special place within the artists career, as it has provided the transition to showcase that he is not bound to a specific genre. Whilst ‘She Dance’ is very different from the artists last releases, AVAION takes great pride in the feedback received, which for the artist is pivotal in knowing he is on the right track.

AVAION’s favourite song to date is his work Pieces. A song born out of good and bad experiences subsquently contributing to the artist being able to pull these emotions into his production. The artist highlights how there is no specific emotion he wishes for his fans to trigger when listening to his music. The idea of fans associating his music with a beautiful memory or time of their lives, is far more powerful. In this, the artist feels he has achieved what he wanted.

Striving for Perfection

The key to success does not lie solely on talent. It is the countless backend support throughout an artists journey to attain that dream. AVAION highlights how supportive friends are extremely important.

I have the luck to have super supportive friends. They always pushed me in every situation and gave me the focus I needed. They will keep you motivated and that’s the key. All the people from my label and my management play also a big role on this road”.

AVAION opens up about a very turbulent time in his life, where he suffered through a strong anxiety disorder; developed in a toxic relationship. The artist explains how on the worst days he suffered numerous panic attacks.

“In the end I didn’t drown myself in tears or continue to break myself. I took all my feelings in that time and put them into my music and changed my style. That was the start of a new life for me. Turning the worst time of my life into the best time.”

Looking back, the artist points out how for his own development, he chose to not place importance on asking producers for their opinions or retain those connections. The artist preferred to do things his own way, keen not to be guided by the opinions of others. However, this being said, he points out how there is importance in retaining and building up your connection of producers within the industry. An industry AVAION feels needs more real artists. Those that would die for their art and not just out for profit.

The Ever Challenging Road

AVAION’s highlights how his biggest challenge to date has been to explain to his family what his dreams are and what they mean to him. He goes onto explain how his father understands what he feels because he was a musician and grew up musically and knows what it means to have a passion for it.

The artist is currently working on a new song “Love Again”, and is keen to show that it doesn’t matter where you come from or how much money you have. Everything is possible and all goals can be achieved if you stay in it.

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