Italian German artist JYLDA on Impulse & finding her groove!


“I make music for people who want to express themselves freely through their creativity. People who can see darkness with humour. Considering my songwriting, I believe in stories that consist of layers and hold duality”. – JYLDA

Italian-German artist Gianna Gehlhar, aka JYLDA, started writing songs when she was only 14. She subsequently went on to study opera prior to making pop music full time. The artist explains how this was anything but a straightforward path. Confident in her own self belief, she knew deep down writing music and being  a performer was something she was destined to do. Something that is as much down to Gehlhar being a musician through to her personality. She highlights how doing anything else, would be to deny her true calling as a musician.


JYLDA explains how she loves to experiment and  a good groove. With the creation of Impulse, she feels the song truely embraces her personality and love of music. “With my recent singles, I have learned to let go and really just look for myself in my sound. I have learned not to doubt myself. I also feel like vocally I’m the closest to myself I have ever been”. The inspiration from the song comes from a darker romance from her past, she explains. Pointing out how the individual she refers to was very much a riddle which she was confused and drawn to it at the same time. Finding relief at the end, with a mature and strong determination to reflect and move forward. The artist best decribes her music as a combination of opera and theatre with electronic soundscapes, drumbeats and intimate pop melodies.  Explaining how she wants people to feel  freedom in her music.


Gehlhar finds inspiration through the people she has had the honour of collaboraing with. In addition to those whom have been in the background her whole life providing unwavering belief in her and her work. The artist highlights how she learns and thrives from every collaboration and truly enjoys seeing how another artist works and developing that collaboration into an unique creative partnership.

When it comes to social media, JYLDA is passionate about communicating her art through multiple platforms in a very visual way. She explains how it  is crucial for every musician to utilize. However, this being said, there is a need to understand that  musicians are especially sensitive and vulnerable to the dangers of social media as what artists produce is deeply connected to how they feel. By opening up emotionally, this creates a fragility that requires more consideration, and very often is at the expense of artists.

“I have found a lot of strength in being independent and only following my own rules.”

The artist does however note that outsource elements of your work so you can focus on the music definitely helps. Highlghting how things are easier when you have a group of people around you who love your music, support you and are professional. JYLDA recommends when writing music, to trust yourself. Challenge yourself and go into detail. Finish your piece and then let it go. With specific reference to ensuring that you compare yourself to no-one but yourself.

JYLDA is currently working on writing new material and preparing for her next releases. With future goals focused on producing a longer record, a computer game and an inter-disciplinary live show.

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