German DJ & Music Producer Tensnake on LA and Honing his Craft


“Working on music always created some sort of of escape for me and to this day I love to get lost in my studio and forget about the world around me. It is still some sort of a magical process for me and I am so happy and grateful that I can do what I am doing.”

Tensnake’s music is best described as a mixture of club and electronic indie pop. A career starting pretty late by the artists own admission.  Having made music on the side, as a hobby, by the time he was  27, the DJ/music producer felt something was missing form his life. Explaining how he was not very happy with his daytime job, so decided to concentrate on being more productive. Subsequently leading the artist to release his first music as Tensnake. However, he humbly admits it was very much down to having a had great support team and constructive feedback from the beginning.

Finding “LA”

Tensnake explains how when he started working on the album, it was initially a collection of song ideas. Over time he realised that his sound had changed since his last album and believes having spent a few years in LA shaped who he is today. It was not until the end of the album production, and having moved back to Europe, that he come to the realization that LA would be a great name for his album.

 …all songs were created during my time in LA, the sound was heavily influenced by my favourite city and it became clear that it would become a closed chapter of my life.

Highlighting the difficulties of labelling his own music, the DJ explains how he  works very intuitively and does not really plan when commencing work on a song. Pointing out how by operating this way he remains  excited. “It always amazes me like one day you get in the studio and get nothing done and then the next day a song almost writes itself.”

The DJ points to Love Sublime“ as his favourite creation to date. Highlighting how he  was lucky enough to have been able to work with the legendary Nile Rodgers on this record. The record co-produced by Rodgers, Fiora and Tensnake,  and one the DJ still holds as a special place in his heart. However, as a general rule, once music is produced, the DJ tends to move forward quickly so he can work on a new creation instead of dwelling too much of previously produced work. Something he finds excites him, and with a sound that is quite diverse, he is continually striving to create music that can age well.

A Message to the Fans

For the aritst, one of his favourite elements with social media are the messages he receives from fans, and how his music has impacted their lives..Ranging from a chosen wedding song, to helping through a tough breakup. He points out that when it comes to his music, it’s not so much a case of simply invoking an emotion. It is equal in measure to producing music that makes him feel alive, and what his music does to other people.

Tensnake explains how for your own well being and success it’s very important to choose the people around you wisely. Whilst admitting this might sound a little selfish, sticking to your gut feeling is usually right.

“If you feel like some friends want to keep you small (usually because of their own fear of growth or change) you might want to look for a new group.”

The DJ learned that lesson over time. Highlighting how he was lucky to have had a small group of friends around him who really inspired  and encouraged him to go for a career in music.He does however, also find inspiration through meeting new people on his travels.

Pushing through the Neysayers

Tensnake explains how he has worked really hard to come this far and for those who have attempted to downplay his achievements, he simply mutes the noise. “You get used to it over time, it is like a big muscle your training, you get better and better ignoring the trolls. But like I said, overall I feel am very blessed.”

The Dj opens up about the fact It took him many years to realise that he was suffering  from mild to severe social anxiety. Explaining how it’s quite ironic considering the fact that he goes on stage in front of people to entertain them. It ultimately got way better to deal with over the years, once there was a recognition. This being said, he points to the term „fake it till you make it“ which really worked support him in many anxiety based situations. From his experince he notes the importance of  looking at the root or main reason for your anxiety and tackling it with some help, which he opened up to.

By his own admission, his character trait is very much introvert by nature. Explaining how he  can be very social in 1 on 1 situations, but does not handle too well in bigger groups. “Being an introvert is not necessarily a disadvantage, I think I wouldn’t be as good at producing and writing music if I was more of an extrovert.” He highlights how he finds comfort on losing himself in the studio for hours and hours and this helps him to really dive into the creative process.

Social Media: The Tool

Tensnake highlights how social media can be a fantastic tool to jumpstart your career and to stay in touch with your fans. Yet it can itself become a chore in times where you don’t feel like engaging.  “I’d say I could be way better with social media, but I just don’t have the urge to make every inch of my life public.” Expressing frustration at having missed the Instagram train a little bit, he remains positive as he points to  many ways to make your own rules, stay in touch with fans and make a living of being an artist theses days. Ranging from Twitch which is really popular for music producers. Allowing you to stream whilst working on music. Alternatively opening up your own discord server, discussing things with your fans directly.

The artist highlights how it’s important to find your own sound. To not try to copy someone who is already successful, as 9/10 it won’t work. You need to be unique enough to stand out. To work really hard at honing your craft, whether you want to be a dj, singer, producer or musician. To try to get a little better every day. Being consistent is super important. Highlighting that while he himself is very impatient; provided you continue to release music and continue to try to get better at what you are doing, success will follow.

Overcoming Challenges

His biggest challenge to date has been to overcome his doubt when working on a new song or track. Highlighting how while it is great to stay critical in terms of quality control, being overcritical can get in the way of getting things done. The artist is currently working on a couple of remixes and is in the process of finishing off his last song for his new album, due out in Ocotber later this year. The artist remains positive that we will manage to overcome this situation and come out of it much stronger than before.

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