Serve Yourself A Slice Of Happiness!


A lot of people think that their life is boring. Some of them suffer from depression, but the others don’t and they often resist swinging into action and find reason and excuses to block themselves for something that might bring them happiness.

Here is how to implement more happiness and pleasure in our daily lives:

1. This life is the only life have. Why do you want to waste it with laziness, lethargy and lassitude?

2. Being happy is what life is all about. Our happiness is enhanced with building pleasures into our lives.

3. You have a right to be happy. There is no reason why you should be denied the pleasure and happiness.

4. It’s your responsibility to bring happiness into your own life.

5. No one will bring you happiness. You must act and find your own happiness.

6. Get rid of negative emotions. You can always try cognitive-behaviour therapy that can help you to find the opportunities for pleasure and happiness.

7. Brainstorm. Ask a friend to help you with finding pleasurable activities – lunch with your friend, a phone call, movie night etc. The list is endless.

8. Find support. Ask someone you trust, a friend or a family member to support you in doing pleasurable activities.

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If you are experiencing difficulties with your mental health, please seek advice from a medical professional or the Samaritans helpline at 116 123.