Mellow Honey is a huge music lover. As a singer songwriter, Mellow Honey found that during lockdown she had more time for herself and subsequently got interested in learning how to DJ. The problem was that she could not find anyone who could teach her the ropes. “A random night scrolling on Instagram, an advert came up : Free DJ session for women for international women’s day. I signed up for it and went to that session”. The aspiring artist recalls having so much fun, that she felt compelled to immerse herself in DJ as an art form. This led to being informed that Pioneer DJ wanted to sponsor the artist to follow free one on one sessions to learn how to DJ. 

Mellow Honey describes herself as a very open minded artist when it comes to her music. Having grown up with her mom “blasting” Congolese Music, what followed was a love for Hip Hop and R&B. Till this day Soul- R&B is the artists favourite music genre. 

“I think it’s best if you learn it straight from the CDJ 3000 as this is the deck that’s most used in clubs, bars etc. But these are expensive for a beginner, so I bought myself a Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 to start Djing as this is the cheapest and most affordable. I’d also recommend Pirate studio, where you can book a DJ room to practice on professional equipment”.

She admits that she did not know how to DJ at all when she started the workshop.  What Mellow Honey really enjoyed at the end of the workshop was the opportunity to play a gig at Boxpark Wembley. Through her music she is keen to invoke the sensation of happiness, freedom, and good vibes. She strongly believes in having confidence in your abilities. To take time as an aspiring DJ to select good tracks. To not be afraid to seek professional advice from a DJ with a wealth of experience; and to ensure that your playlists are well organized.

Mellow Honey’s greatest challenge has been performing at events that are poorly organized. She recalls how an event only had serato compatible decks available, but as a Rekordbox user she had to download all her songs and put them on Serato: “I never mixed on Serato so I had to learn all of this in less than 10 min time. Challenging, but it worked”. The singer and songwriter recently had a MI-Soul radio live DJ set and interview. With plans to play in Praia, Cape Verde, and a Festival in Leamington Spa. #watchthisspace