West London Artist Beattie on her new single Treat Me Right & using music as her channel of communication!


Hailing from West London, singer/songwriter Beattie sat down with Student Pages to discuss her latest release “Treat Me Right”. The artist describing her music as a raw, honest and quite metaphorical. Through her music, Beattie explains how she communicates how she is feeling without directly opening up face to face. [Her music] standing out due to her ability to dig deep into how she feels, and feeling free to open up about the graphic nature of those emotions.

“I just kind of fell into it in a way, I started playing around with Instruments when I was around 12, and by 14 I was having drum lessons. I started writing as soon as I got my first guitar, but I don’t think I really started recording original songs until I was 15”. 

The singer/songwriter explains how recording “Treat Me Right” pushed her to explore a different area of writing and collaboration. The result of one of her first ever sessions working with another producer. Referencing how it brought out a different side of her as an artist. The inspiration stemming from a feeling frustrated with mixed signals, with a belief that she has always tried to communicate with people through writing music.

She explains how it was through her early teen years she found herself overwhelmed with panic attacks, which led Beattie to experiencing chronic derealisation (disassociation). “I’ve always been a big over thinker, and for years I wanted to find a way out of it and feel differently. But actually, as I’ve grown up I’ve started to understand what it means to feel and think the way I do”. She goes onto explain that she wouldn’t be able to write music in the same way, or feel and appreciate art the way she does if it wasn’t for growing up living those experiences. Pointing out that she grew obsessed with music as a result of using it as her escape from these issues, and feels finding a medium to channel overwhelming and negative feelings has been a part of learning to live with it.


Beattie highlights how she has always been quite self-sufficient. Referencing her previous track, “Lucky”, which she went onto write and produced herself. Ever thankful she had been able to create without having to find others. Going onto explain how when you do, it’s a great feeling. “Collaborating always brings out different ideas and stylistic details, and pieces of work you wouldn’t necessarily produce alone in your comfort zone”.

The artists greatest challenge to date has been finding her feet, and feeling like she was alone in this with only herself to rely on! Beattie explains that whilst she definitely has some amazing people working with her career now, this has not always been the case. It is the constant pursuit of writing and producing that keeps her striving as a music artist. Ever humbled by the talented producers she has had the pleasure of working with over the last couple of months. With work on a new track Bhav, and recently taken hold of a stage piano, the artist is looking forward to getting back to gigging very soon!#watchthisspace