US Artist James Qupid on his latest release Super Clean & the key to finding “like-minded” individuals!


When you’re going for anything great in life, you will always have doubters who will count you out. Sitting down with US artist James Qupid, he goes onto explain how he has faced a great deal of obstacles during his journey. Choosing to turn what’s negative into a positive. With a strong love for music, he opens up about his latest release “Super Clean”. A song he explains was fundamental in allowing him to evolve as a music artist to the next phase of his music career. Most notable as according to the artist, it truly embodies his sound.

Qupid describes his music as fun and upbeat. “It’s like a confidence booster. I like to see people happy, so I’m always aiming to hit that nerve even when it’s a sad song. I like to end my stories on a high note”, he points out. For the artist finding a network of people that believe in you is incredibly important as he emphasizes the importance of having like-minded individuals around. The people who will understand your vision and eventually make you successful. The artist goes onto highlight how his biggest challenge is to run the day-to-day operations of his music business while constantly creating new music. “The grind of an indie artist is very real“, he explains.

The artist opens up about going through depression and anxiety through his pursuit of his dream. Recalling that what helped him through those moments was turning to prayer and meditation.

“Finding other outlets to release certain emotions is very important. I call it a spiritual and mental recharge because most of us are just going and going, but never stopping to revaluate our state of mind or mental health. That’s why my music is like therapy to me”.

Qupid’s biggest advice for those aspiring to find their own folk in the road, is to network as much as possible with the right people, and most importantly to never waste your time. A huge fan of basketball, art, and Jazz music; he offers an sneak insight into creations he has on the go, with a very busy schedule, highlighting how 2022 is going to be an amazing year and one for his fans to look forward to! #watchthisspace