US Artist Kris Angelis on her latest single ‘Run’, and the conviction to believe in herself!


Artist Kris Angelis recalls how she began exploring music through attending church choir around the age of 6. This subsequently turned into a passion that quickly flourished. Taking up violin and getting involved with local youth orchestras and musical theatre. We caught up with the artist following the release of her latest single “Run”. 

I have tended to write somewhat sad/heartbreak love songs and this song is about self love, exploration, trust, and embracing the unknown which are all things that I am working on as a person and an artist. I also love the bigger production on this track and I’m excited to keep creating in that vein.

Describing her music as organic instrument based songs. She explains how her music is influenced through folk music, with a focus on the storytelling, emotionality and melodies refined through this genre. 

She describes her biggest challenge to date has having the conviction to believe in herself. Going onto highlight how whilst she very much believes in her vision, there is elements of procrastination that appear to manifest themselves every so often leading her to doubt herself. She highlights how she was very fortunate to befriend Brandi Carlile and her band very early on. Inspired by their songwriting and stage presence, all the way to their temperment outside the studio.

Success as to so happens unfortunately comes with it’s fair share of trolls, which Kris admits she has had to deal with as she has grown her fan base. Choosing instead to respond through showing off her sense of humour, and in return offering “some love and understanding!” She opens up about working through depression and anxiety for most of her career. Going through periods of panic attacks including during performing early on in her journey.

She believes finding people within your chosen career path is instrumental in supporting you fulfil your dream. With her music, Kris is keen to work with people that she gets along with personally as well as creatively. Continually open to collaborations with artist who are keen to bring new ideas to the table! As long as those ideas are founded on the same values and mutual respect of eachothers chosen artistry.

“Don’t expect overnight success. Just keep climbing”.

Kris is currently writing for a new record planned for release this year. In addition to have participated in the Music Beats Cancer Valentine’s Day Challenge in which artists raise funds to fight cancer and help those affected by it. With the top fundraisers getting their music featured on iHeartRadio! #watchthispace