Songwriter Izzy Frances on “Beautiful World” & Finding her Niche!


“I’ve always just loved music and think it’s incredible how a piece of music can make you feel like getting up and dancing or reduce you to crying on the floor”. – izzy frances

Izzy Frances started singing very early on, incorporating the violin and the clarinet into her repertoire of musical talents. Later incorporating piano so she could accompany herself singing. Following school, the artist explains how she began writing songs, only starting to take performing seriously whilst studying her master’s degree in London. Frances was offered the opportunity to perform at the 100 Club, and whilst admittingly points to being terrified of the idea, she grasped it with both hands and so the start of her musical career took shape. “It was the most terrifying start to my path in music but an amazing one as it felt like diving in the deep end (for me at least) and it made me realise that this was something I could actually pursue seriously”. We caught up with Frances prior to her latest release “Beautiful World” (out 12th February ’21). A single written to support and promote the SNI (Sacred Nature Initiative), with all profits being donated to the initiative.

The artist explains how she grew up obsessed with Big Cat Diary, and the opportunity to work with Jonathan Scott (SNI founder), was something she was not going to pass up. The inspiration for the song itself built upon the title and concept for which the piece was written – “that we live in a beautiful world and there is magic in nature”.

Beautiful World

Frances describes her music as ‘emotive pop’, due to her songs embodying a strong and clear emotional message whilst drawing upon indie, dark and contemporary pop spaces through their production. “I think lyrics are probably the component that make my songs stand out the most”, she explains. Pointing out how she loves lyric writing and trying to find interesting and poetic ways of conveying strong emotional messages that listeners can relate to. The artists goal is to promote a message of positive mental health through her music, whether this by via uplifting tracks that evoke feelings of joy and gratitude, or via more empowering tracks that allow the listeners to realize their own strength and value.


The artist highlights how her family have always been very supportive of her music. Her sister of particular note who has attended every single one of her gigs; whilst her parents have provided an incredible amount of advice and support over the years. Whilst not from a musical background, the artist highlights how her parents imprinted on her what work hard was and to get back up when you’re knocked down. Frances opens up about anxiety, and notes how there is no right way of navigating these issues. However in taking the time to understand yourself and why or what you’re feeling is incredibly valuable so that you can learn to love and value yourself for the person you are. 

Facing Challenges and Looking Forward

Frances feels its really important to work with people you get on with but also that share your vision. “I was really lucky in this as my manager at the time had introduced me to Helen Boulding and we started out co-writing together and just clicked”, she explains. By day the artist works in neuroscientific and psychological research with plans to start her PhD in October. The artist recommends loving what you do, and if it’s music to be open to connecting and collaborating with other artists & organisations. She highlights how her biggest challenge early on was dealing with the realities of performing and stage fright. In addition to finding the confidence to back herself and her own opinions.

Frances is currently waiting to release more songs [completed] this year, in addition to starting new collaborations; whilst simultaneously working on home acoustic video recordings for her new “Pyjama Recordings” series!! #watchthisspace