Late Night Uni Chats – A podcast following two Bristol students on a journey of self-discovery!


Kalina and Hope are two Bristol Students who, over the next three years of university, want to open up personal discussions in hope of inspiring conversation among students. Their podcast Late Night Uni Chats is a fresh and open space for students to connect, laugh, learn and grow. It is a space which encourages the next generation of students to be open and honest with themselves and each other.
Particularly as they feel there is a lack of meaningful conversations between young people about various important topics such as money, class, image, defining success, passions etc. And their chemistry as best friends enables them to discuss these heavy topics with humour and fun.

Their unique and complicated backgrounds have also led them to at times feel misunderstood. Hope comes from a separated household and was privately educated through external means, while Kalina was state educated and is from an immigrant background. This perspective along with the fact that they are unlike many other podcast hosts who tend to be previously established entertainers, offers a sense of relatability and edge.

Furthermore, because of their age they know the pressures and struggles young people face. Especially during this uncertain time, it is even harder for young people to imagine and work for their futures. Therefore, the podcast aims to build a community that supports and understands each other.

The first episode “How do I create a Healthy Relationship with Money?”, is available on all podcast streaming networks and new episodes will be released every Sunday. The episode was well received with audiences saying that it made them re-evaluate their own relationship with money. Five-star reviews include comments such as “Such an amazing pod! Loved it!” and another saying “Can’t get enough! This is the best podcast ever can’t stop listening!”.

Episodes will also include segments such as sharing our eccentric dreams, the occasional wild university story or any other personal anecdotes. Late Night Uni Chats is more than just a podcast; it is a community.#watchthisspace