How to Make YOUR Student Loan GO FURTHER!?


So Christmas is just around the corner, you’re on a budget and student loans don’t get dropped until January…But don’t worry, we’ve got you

Forget buying your brother the same Lynx Africa he gets every year, move on from your homemade Christmas cards for your nan, and last minute shopping for your parents. What if there was a way of saving money, gifting better presents and for it to be completely FREE.

Well this Christmas, there is.

What is Cheapskate?

Cheapskate is your personal shopping assistant. With this FREE browser extension it collates all live deals and discounts with just the click of a button, meaning the days of trawling through the internet looking for discount codes is over.

Once downloaded, it is located at the top right of your screen beside your search engine for you to use when you’re browsing through the shops. Watch the video below to see cheapskate in action.

Cheapskate has some great features – one being the Price Drop.

What is Price Drop?

We are so glad that you asked… Price Drop is a feature where Cheapskate will help you stick to your budgets.

If you find a product that currently doesn’t fit within your budget, you can be notified when the price drops to within your price range. This means there’s no more missing out on deals catered to your budget, thanks to Cheapskate.

It’s super easy to download, super easy to use and super easy to save.

Become a Cheapskate today: