US Metal Band Phenomenon AUGUST BURNS RED on their latest EP GUARDIANS SESSIONS!!


We caught up with US artists & metal band phenomenon AUGUST BURNS RED prior to their highly anticipated EP release GUARDIANS SESSIONS. Fronted by JB Brubaker [lead guitar], Brent Rambler [rhythm guitar], Matt Greiner [drums], Jake Luhrs [lead vocals], and Dustin Davidson [bass], the band explain how they grew up listening to bands ranging from Blink 182, New Found Glory and other “Drive Through” record pop punk bands through out middle school. Dustin [bass] points out how he had the honour of naming his first ever band with some very close friends of his at the early age of 12. Choosing to utilize “Dr. Suess Counts to Ten” as their name of choice!


The band point out how they have always enjoyed reprising tracks. To strip down songs (ie. Paramount). Highlighting that high gain metal guitars tend to take up a lot of space in the mix and when you remove those elements and build the song around an acoustic guitar; there is much more room for other sounds. Something which the artists make a point of always being exciting for them creatively. Dustin explains how it was JB’s idea to cover Chop Suey! “It’s a song that we have on our change over playlist nightly, and so we thought our fans would enjoy hearing our take on it”. A metal band through and through, the artist’s find ways to influence from other genres which they believe gives them their unique sound!

According to Dustin, of the songs he has contributed over the years; the track, “Extinct by Instinct” off of our latest album, “Guardians” stands out as probably his favorite creation to date. He explains how due to it being a little more technical than most of the other tracks on the album; allows it to stand out in his view. What’s key for AUGUST BURNS RED is taking their fans in a direction that they might have not predicted in a song, however, utlimately, they want their music and lyrics to reflect positively as for the band that is a true representation and reflection of who they are as individuals and a unit.


Dustin [Bass] opens up about going through days with anxiety or depression in some form…”I’ve found that being in nature cures me of any and all depression or anxiety that I may feel. To go out into the woods on a backpacking/camping trip just melts my anxiety/depression away, and I’m eternally grateful to the awesome healing power of mother nature”.

Looking to social media, the band see the enormous potential that it offers in being able to give back to their fans. Highlighting how the pandemic has made him [Dustin] more aware that he can give back more than he may have in the past, with a point of tyring to go through all of his messages and write fans back in order to establish that connection.

The band point to having been incredibly fortunate to have worked with two incredible producers in the pursuit of sharing their music with a global fan base [Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak].  Having worked with them since 2012; the band find it hard to imagine their career without them. 

For those apiring to follow suit, Damon’s advice is to invest in a good sounding recording. Whether you do it yourself or go into a studio it’s very important that you have a good sounding representation of your band. Making a point of noting how these days due to music production cost a fraction of the cost it used to be, it’s more easier to grab plugins and make a decent sounding album. Highlighting how despite their success, they have not been immune from the challenges the pandemic has brought on the music industy. So naturally, are very much looking forward to getting back to the routine of travellling and playing shows for their fans across the globe! #watchthisspace