Artist Gabi Ammirato on her new EP Metamorphosis!


Gabi Ammirato describes her music as distinctive and unique. Very much apart of who she is as an individual and an artist. Her latest “EP Metamorphosis” represents a journey through her time at Berklee. A period of time that saw the artist challenged by not only the standard that was expected, but equally by the opportunities that opened up for the musician.

“It is impossible to be unchanged by the experience.  The themes these songs reflect include loss, love, social change, and inclusion so I hope there is something for everyone to relate to.  At its core this EP is representative of growth and change culminating in beauty which is by definition “metamorphosis”.”

Gabi explains that her new EP is deeply personal as the theme for each song comes directly from her life.  Each of these songs relating to milestones in her life that pushed her to grow as a person and learn about herself in both good and bad ways. The artist goes onto point out that her biggest inspiration for writing music is to make people feel something and connect with the stories she shares.  

She recalls how growing up in South Jersey gave her easy access to Philadelphia and NYC and the arts and experiences that they had to offer.  Gabi highlights that she is acutely aware that not everything has as much acceptance and support in their lives. Through her music, she hopes to provide this sense of acceptance and a safe place for her listeners to be themselves.

The artist has found finding people in the music industry that are akin to the music she wants to produce vitally important. With the view that being true to yourself is the most important feature! Opening up how for years she tried to be something she thought she needed to be instead of allowing herself time to evolve and reveal her true artistry.

A fan of reading non-fiction and poetry, Gabi believes it is vitally important to find your own sound and not to be something you’re not! To be confident in your skills and outputs so you do not endlessly delay the final production. To collaborate and experience the wealth of experience you receive from working with fellow creatives. To not be afraid to try news things, and most of all, be true to yourself, being careful on how you measure success.

The artist’s greatest challenge to date has been finding her sound, as she recalls how it took a time to get herself in the mind-frame of stopping and listening to what others were telling her. Allowing her to finally produce the music she loves and is proud to put out. Gabi is currently working on her next EP which will include new material, with shows planned for Boston and NYC, and an East Coast tour pandemic allowing.#watchthisspace