US YouTube Sensation & Artist Stephen Sharer on his latest release “When I See You Again”


We caught up with US YouTube Sensation, now turned musician Stephen Sharer following the release of his latest single “When I See You Again”. The YouTuber explains how having begun as a content creator, he was able to build connections with the right people to start developing his music career. Through his latest single [When I See You Again], the aspiring artist looks to tell the story of transitioning into Summer after a year of not being able to see anyone. With a feeling that his latest entry offers a true portrayal of reuniting with his friends and enjoying a classic summer like those enjoyed before Covid-19 came into our lives.

When I See You Again

With his music best described as a new and fresh sound, offering a positive message. Stephen goes onto highlight how he loves making music that people can get together and sing along to while having the best dance party! “I love the fresh sound of it and it’s different form my other songs and it’s only my second time crossing into country. I had so much fun creating this song and am excited to finally get to share it!” With the artist hopeful of continuing to make music that makes you want to get together with friends, sing along on a long drive, and ultimately have a dance party!
For the artist, his family and friends have been instrumental in influencing where he is today. Humbly pointing out how they keep the Youtube star grounded and stand by him while he pursues his dreams!

Content Creation

Stephen explains how with being a content creator and social influencer, he has opened himself to sharing a great deal about his life. Noting pros and cons that come with this added exposure, but loves the opportunity he has built himself to communicate and share with the world. “I choose to use my platform in a positive way to help influence those that may have mental health problems. In my life, I am thankful to have friends and family by my side supporting me every step of the way through the good and bad that may come!”, he explains. He goes onto highlight how finding people in the music industry has been one of his key factors to achieving what he has to date. Pointing how it allowed him to find a producer that worked well with the artist in addition to understanding his vision for his music.
Stephen explains that he finds influence from Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande due to their ability to express how they feel in a way everyone can understand. For artist believes it makes them really relatable – in addition to their songs which are phenomenal! For those looking to follow in his footsteps, the Youtuber/Artist recommends starting with what you love. “If you love singing begin to start making videos even if they are only 30 second covers and share them where you can. Being consistent and sharing your talent is the best way to start!”


He explains that his biggest challenge to date has been finding time to dedicate to music whilst spliting time with managing his other ventures. A passion he highlights he is keen to spend more time focusing on. At the moment, the artist is pushing his latest release having recently released a new music video to accompany his latest release. With plans to continue working on creating more YouTube content and music!#watchthisspace