Writer/Producer & Actress Muretta Moss on Intersection & silencing her inner critic!


“My advice is not to take anyone’s advice, but listen to yourself and forge your path. There is only one you, and amazing things will happen when you get quiet and allow yourself to be. Also, be patient and find peace in the journey”.

Life is defined by its ability to be uncertain and spontaneous. Chaotic in a world where we constantly strive to seek a sense of order. This is Muretta Moss’s perspective on life. The US actress recalls how she felt lost about what to do with her life going through college. “Everyone had it figured out, and I was switching majors like I do channels during a commercial”, she goes onto point out. It just so happens  at that point in her journey, a feature film was being shot on her campus which she got involved with. The experience of walking onto a movie set for the first time was her “aha” moment, and started her on the path to where she is today!

Being Muretta Moss

Moss explains that when she started, one of her biggest challenges was calling herself an actress. “I was like, “who am I to say that I am an actress?” It is silly now, but I always felt like I wasn’t enough and people judged me back when I started”. Known as “imposter syndrome”, she explains that whilst she does not hear those noises in her head, Moss is of the belief that time is a healer, having openly read every self-help book available to her during her twenties.

She is not a fan of the terminology “fake it ’til you make it”. Moss explains how one’s ego can be a huge challenge to overcome, but she does not feel there is anything one can do but grow. Equally believing that you are enough. You need to be willing to see it! 

Moss studied a Meisner-based curriculum and has an improv background. She highlights her love for working on independent film and TV projects, and how those experiences have been significant stepping stones in her career.


Intersection is a dark comedy series exploring how the controversial circumstances of gentrification affect the intersecting lives of the people living it, Moss explains. It is a production that showcases her talents as a writer, co-producer, and actress in the series. She acknowledges that was quite a lot of hats to wear. Through the strength and character of her incredible team, all the hats fell into place. Moss goes onto explain how everyone was so intimately invested in the show which made it that much better. 

The actress explains that she is passionate about the series because of her real-life experience as a real estate agent, which she just so happens to play in the show. “We spent so much time researching, writing, and rewriting over the years. Our executive producer, Meg Messmer, put together a great team, and she never gave up on this project”.

Moss points out that she loves telling stories based on truth and realism. She goes onto explain that whilst Intersection isn’t funny in the traditional sense, the characters and community bring joy and life to the screen. This is a point that the actress and writer is keen to continue leaning into. Playing characters and working on projects that are layered enough to allow viewers to find humour in the imperfections.

Bringing an Animated Character to Life

For Moss, playing live-action Rita Loud in a A Loud House Christmas was a dream role. She openly admits that there was an element of pressure to do her character justice due to the very talented Jill Talley, who voices Rita in the animated show.

Moss goes onto point out how the costumers along with the hair and makeup team did such an incredible job every day bringing the Loud’s to life that she found a lot of it easy to step into character on set. “I did as much research as I could by bringing the animated series, and Liz Maccie wrote such a fun and fantastic script that everything fell into place nicely”. Her love for comedy is immediately apparent. She also loved playing a woman with many dimensions to their character. She points to her love of stepping outside of her comfort zone and finding the character inside. Openly admitting that due to her nature, it usually comes out with a bit of quirk. 

“I heard an actress say that all the years of rejection were stuck in her body. That struck a chord with me because I tried to pretend I was okay with the scrutiny and what sometimes feels like being overlooked”.

Moss opens up about how once she allowed herself to feel the scrutiny and nervousness that comes with rejection, she found she did not judge it so much. Showing up on set and being surrounded by such talented people is fantastic, she says. She is still in awe of how a project stems from an idea, and then the final project gets broadcast or streamed out to millions of people. This points to an order in the chaos! For Moss, acting is fun, it’s present, it’s invigorating, and it is one piece of a beautiful puzzle.

Looking forward there is a lot on her bucket list of that she wants to accomplish. She sites her bravery and having the tenacity to be an artist and actress that makes her feel successful. For Moss, her career is a journey, and she is very appreciative of where her path has taken her thus far.#watchthisspace