Black Adam, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra offered DC the opportunity to build a story around a character who could not only reinvigorate the DC Universe, but bring the idea of what a hero represents into the modern age. So the question is did it deliver. For me, without a shadow of a doubt!!

For those new to the DC Universe, Black Adam is DC Comics antihero who was first introduced in 1941’s The Marvel Family #1 by C.C. Beck and Otto Binder. Without looking to spoil the film, the background surrounding Black Adam’s re-emergence is historically one of tragedy, and the vengence bourne out of having power and seeking to incur that roth on those who murdered [Teth Adam’s] family.

In a world that is in the midst of famine and war, the art of story telling and captivating an audience has evolved to the point where reference to real life events if even at a sub-conscious level, has a direct impact on the perception of how the audience is able to engage with the story and the characters within. 

Dwayne Johnson was phenomenol as Black Adam. A Tour de Force, and one which i feel has set the ground work for future films of this calibre. The brilliance that Johnson brought to his character, was the simplicity by which Johnson placed focus on what the character meant to the DC fans, but equally bringing out a character, that was by his own measure a product of his environment.

Supported by a brilliant casting that included Aldis Hodge [Hawkman] & Pierce Brosnan [Dr. Fate]; with breakthrough young actors Quintessa Swindell [Cyclone] & Noah Centineo [Atom Smasher]. A group better know as the JSA; the genius behind Jaume Collet-Serra direction, is that he allowed the story to flow, providing Brosnan and Hodge with more leading roles; which enabled both Quintessa and Centineo to shine through in their own performances.

As far as critique, whilst i cannot fault any of the casts performances; i feel what would have really lifted the film further, given its dark heritage; was to take the detail that was placed on building Black Adam’s character, and extend that to the emergence of dark forces [against the local population] that presented themselves later in the film, rather than seek what i felt to be a more comedic encounter.

Aside from this, I would extend 5 stars to Black Adam, as it is nothing less than the cast and crew deserve for their show stopping production. The film is out from this Friday [21st October]; so book you tickets today!! You will not be dissapointed!