We caught up with indie/hip-hop solo artist GLU (aka. Michael Shuman) ahead of his recent tour across the UK. Following a sold out show with Phantogram throughout November, we caught up with the musician to discuss his latest single “Night Shift”. A song which Schuman refers to as a puzzle piece he wanted GLU to represent. The artist explains that all his songs to date have developed his style as a musician.

“Having a fresh start is a great feeling and has allowed me to tear away all preconceived notions of who people think I am and what I should be. It’s allowed me to be myself, to do and say whatever I want”.

Schuman explains how he has always been keen to explore hip hop music, whilst maintain the musicality that is close to his heart. Seeking to develop a melody through his story telling, which had yet to be explored. He highlights that of the songs to date, My Demons has been the most important production to date, due to it being his first release with GLU. Seeking to invoke a sense of introspection, danger and vulnerability through his music.

Drawing inspiration from his parents, and his team, Schuman expresses his gratitude to his band mates that have taught him a huge amount of the years, with every brand and crew member dropping bits ofg knowledge, which he has absorbed into the the production of his music.

The artist opens up about having had moments of mental health issues, ranging from anxiety through to depression. “I feel lucky to have the foundation to never have let it stray me too far. I struggle with shit day to day, and I think most humans do. Accepting it and taking the proper steps to keep it at bay is the only thing you can do”. He recalls how he used to be afraid of exposing these intimate details, but at this point in his life, he confidently points to having no shame. When it comes to those seeking to follow music, GLU believes having a people around you that believe in your vision, especially when collaborating, is paramount.

“There are people out in the world that feel the same as you, have the same taste as you. And I think that’s necessary to find when collaborating. Luckily with GLU, I do everything myself…But it’s nice to do something that comes directly from you without any filter”.

GLU’s influences are vast and the artist taps into all of them. He believes it is a mistake to have a narrow mind when it comes to art, let alone everything and everyone. Schuman’s best advice is perseverance. For the artist if you really believe in what you are doing, then don’t quit. Lots of people give up. So be the one who outlasts your peers. Music and its business is not for everyone, but if you love it just keep doing it. It’s definitely not an easy route, so know that. And always do something that is out of your comfort zone and challenges you. Don’t be complacent! #watchthisspace