Award Winning Animater & Israeli solo artist Izakman on “Cyber Love” & being enigmatic!


“My whole life I wake up with music in my head and go to sleep with it. I feel that music chose me so it’s up to me to sort it out and find the way to build a musicians career.”

Israeli solo artist Izakman (aka Itamar Isaak) releases his first UK single ‘Cyber Love’ out now via SuArt. The award-winning animator has already attracted the attention of his local music industry with his charasmatic stage presence and enigmatic style

Cyber Love was spawned from a feeling of alienation the artist experienced while reaching out across cyberspace, social media platforms and dating apps. Izakman explains how the song is about fruitless struggle to make a true and meaningful connection. Whilst the inspiration to do the video in sign language came from watching Pina Bauch performance of “The Man I love”; a song which like “Cyber Love” is performed in sign language.

“I view my music like paintings you can listen to. I visualize my songs not just hear them and I hope to convey this dual experience to my audience.”

Izakman’s favourites song to date is “Eye Level People”. A creative that touches on significant subject matter [social issue], and in the artists own words sounds “epic”, and one he is very proud to have produced. Izakman is keen to have his fans connect with his music and feel something new. Music that is not by his own admission mainstream, yet offers a unique sound which they are ultimately drawn to.

Inspired by musicians George Harrison, David Bowie, Daevid Allen to name but  a few; Izakman opens up about suffering from high stress, rejection and loneliness.

“I have always felt different, and I have been hesitant about expressing myself in public. I’ve learned to use these unpleasant and difficult feelings of alienation to create art that reaches out.”

Izakman explains how his music is very much “not Israeli”, and does not have a broad audience within his country. So, as he found like minded people who loved his work, he was exhilirated by the amount of support he received amongst those wishing to work on bringing his music to the world stage.

 The key for Izakman, has been finding consistency within his music. Undertstanding that you are in the project for the long run, and you need to be fully committed. He highlights how his biggest challenge to date has been self-management without losing energy

“When it comes to making a career of your art, you have to get involved in the logistics and the business aspect of it. I like to be spontaneous, but now I’m learning to be more strategic without losing the fun.”

Izakman is currently in the process of making a piano version and a video of his new single “Cyber Love”. In addition to being in the final mixing stage of his debut album to be released at the beginning of 2021; whilst running preproduction of a new music video for “Down the Rabbit Hole” to be completed by the end of December ’20.

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