US Singer-Songwriter Sylvia Bremer on “Not Okay” & Opening up about Depression


Sylvia Bremer is a Cuban/German-American singer-songwriter hailing from Miami, Florida. Daughter of a Cuban actress, singer, and pianist. The artist points out how up until the end of high school, her repertoire of performances has been focused predominantly around shows and graduations. As fate would have it, at the age of 18; she was approached by a former peer  of hers from her days involved in musical theatre  regarding writing a hook for an aspiring rap artist. On entering the studio, a wow factor came over her, and she realised immediately this was where she belonged, explaining “It felt like home”. From this moment forwards, it was in the artists eye’s set in stone that she wanted to pursue a career in music. Transitioning into the EDM world; she went further and enrolled in music production at her local community college.

We caught up with Sylvia prior to her highly anticipated release “Not Okay”. A song whose essence lies through the miscommunication in a relationship and the distance it creates.  Sylvia highlights how the song helped set the tone and shape of the music she wanted to produce. A fusion between POP and R&B, the artist looks to bring depth through her songs utilizing her vocals. “I think that is something that I bring to the table in my art and that’s what makes my music stand out because it resonates with people”.

For the Fans & Finding Inspiration
Sylvia is keen to offer her fans music which they can resonate with. Highlighting how she knows what it’s like to be in a certain situation  and not able to talk to anyone about it. To be able to produce music and have it resonate with fans that make them feel not alone at that particular moment is special to the artist. Her biggest driver and inspiration stem from her mother who wished she could have been a ballerina, and the “What If” factor stuck with her. The artist points to always having had a thick skin and has learnt to develop a positive mentality to not let anyone steer her off her path.
Sylvia opens up about struggling with depression since the age of 13. She highlights how growing up she was really misunderstood, especially by her parents and found the only outlet she had was music. Working really hard to convert negative thoughts into positive ones.
“I think now as an adult, anxiety is a very present emotion that most of us deal with. Until 3 months ago, I was suffering from frequent anxiety attacks and mild depression. And to be honest, this is actually the healthiest I have ever been mentally and emotionally, but it takes work and it’s not easy and it feels like something I will be working on for the rest of my life.”
Sylvia explains that when it comes to social media, she struggles with this topic, as whilst openly being transparent about her life, she highlights how she is the type of person who appreciates privacy and being present in the moment instead of recording everything. Seeking to find a balance between being active on social media and privately enjoying moments in her life that don’t need to be documented. The artist is constantly working on her music and barely finds free time to do anything other than work out. This being said, she loves watching movies and spending time with her family and friends.
Looking forward
For anyone looking to follow in Sylvia’s path, she has these passing words..”Research, study the hell out of this industry and don’t trust anyone. Definitely trust your gut feeling and take risks!” Highlighting how her biggest challenge to date has been finding a good team to build her music with, and finding strength in knowing she has that in place. The artist is currently working on an EP that she will be releasing in November as well as other projects/collaborations. With plans to be successful in music, make it to the top and be able to have creative freedom and share her music with the world. “If I can change anyone’s life with my music, that is more than enough.”

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