With all the hype surrounding Barbie the movie exceeded expectations. Barbie was a great mixture of adventure and comedy whilst also doing a great job in tackling social issues for women. The Barbie movie is entertaining for all ages whether you are a child seeing your favourite toy on the big screen; a teenager enjoying the witty comedy; or even an adult rejoicing in nostalgia.

On making “Barbie”…
“Barbie has so much recognition, so much love, and of course a 60-plus-year history, which was exciting for me. As a writer and a director, I’m always looking for a fun challenge. As with Little Women, Barbie is a property we all know, but to me she felt like a character with a story to tell, one that I could find a new, unexpected way into, honoring her legacy while making her world feel fresh and alive and modern.” [GRETA GERWIG (Director/Writer/Executive Producer)]

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling absolutely stole the show in a fantastic acting performance with a brilliantly written script by Greta Gerwig. There were also some terrific cameos from Dua Lipa, John Cena and many more. I recommend that everyone goes to see this movie on opening day Friday the 21st of July

On Barbie Land…
“It’s simple: you got a car, you got a house and then you got a Ken and that’s the fun of this world, Barbie Land. It’s kind of a flipside of the real world where men are in charge. In Barbie Land it’s the opposite, women—Barbies—run everything.”  “We can all see each other—all the Barbies own their own Barbie DreamHouses, and when they wake up in the morning, they can wave at each other, totally see each other because there are no walls, and they love it, there is no embarrassment. It’s like the
Garden of Eden before they felt the need to put clothes on. That’s what waking up in Barbie Land is like, except, of course, there are clothes, and they are fabulous!” [MARGOT ROBBIE (“Barbie” / Producer)]

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By Kieran Markey