Swedish songstress Gabi Goldman is back with ‘Few Good Friends’ – her second single to date and one that is proving as catchy and compelling as her sultry debut ‘Body Heat’. Produced by Joel Malka and Grammy-award winning Finnish producer Jonas Karlsson (John Legend, Jeremih), and co-writing credits from Annika Wells (BTS, The Jonas Brothers), Jack Newsome, the brand new track is a self-assured R&B ode to those few who really know you.

Goldman recalls how it was through a session in LA , where herself and two songwriters, Jack Newsome and Annika Wells were vibing off the fact that Goldman was fed up with her hometown, people being fake and just copies of each other. This led to the idea being ‘Few Good Friends’. A song about the weight and importance of having real friends by your side that won’t just judge you by aesthetics or accomplishments. Describing her music as a fusion of a sassy R&B girl meeting a sad pop girl; Goldman prefers to write songs about her feelings and her life experiences, whether on the happy or sad emotion spectrum.

“I hope people will listen to my music and feel something, whatever that may be and hopefully get inspired by it. Or just vibe with it, listen to it on the way to work, at the pre-party, when they get ready for an important meeting or on that late night walk..”

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The artist explains how her greatest challenge to date has been finding herself in it all. Referencing her early years, having starting out very young, by her own admission, Goldman recalls how she was keen to people-please. She highlights how it has been tough going with what she wanted and not caring so much about everyone else’s opinions. With that being said, taking the power and making this project, seeing it all come together musically and visually has made Goldman more confident in what she wants to do.

Having always been an admirer of Amy Winehouse, Goldman counts herself very fortunate to have worked with some incredible people from the very beginning. She recalls how when he first went to LA; the artist met this A&R who really set the tone for what her project was going to turn out to be. “It was a full blown process to get to though, it took me years to figure out what I wanted, and at the same time coping with the pressure of everyone wanting to know your style, your niche, your concept etc. In my case it was the collaboration with all the amazing writers and producers in LA and the producer here in Stockholm that made my everything shine through.” Goldman goes onto share her tips, with one of the main items being taking your time. To not rush it, go with your intuition, and what feels right. Find someone that you vibe with and feel safe singing/writing/producing with.

“I’m my worst critic and will always be but I’ve definitely experienced jealousy and people just being rude, but I try to shake it off. My dream is mine for a reason and if they don’t get it, get the hell out. When in doubt I listen to some good music, or a demo from a session I loved and then it becomes obvious. From all the really not so great ones, it only takes one song to make you feel like you’re back”. 


Looking ahead, Goldman tells us she is trying to get back to writing for a second project. Life happened right in the middle of filming visuals for her first project and that will definitely remain a topic in the upcoming projects. So stay tuned.

Goldman recommends to find someone, a friend, mentor, or anyone that you enjoy either talking or making music with and try to figure out what makes you feel the most inspired. Try things, new things, scary things! That’s something I’m working on myself to be better at. Dare to be a risk taker! Or not! Dare to be “basic” or boring or whatever. Go for what you like! #watchthisspace