We caught up with US artist Auti ahead of her latest single release Greed. Auti opens up how the songwriting and literal aspect of being an artist didn’t come until a close friend of her’s lost his life to suicide. The artist goes onto explain how she began using writing as an outlet for grief and started learning piano to put music to her lyrics. 

Her latest song Greed, she explains, was created from a conversation she had with her father. She recalls how they were in a restaurant and got started on the topic of all of the extremely wealthy people in the world, and how they use their wealth and power. 

“[Greed] How there are people out there that could strategically change so many lives, but would rather do and create for personal gain. As you’d expect, we landed our conclusion on greed. It’s a really eye opening song as an artist – and as a listener as well. One day, when I’m touring and making money off of the things I’m doing, I hope to do what I can to make a difference in life for people”.

Auti describes her writing as very situational. The artist goes onto explain how through her music, especially her ballads, find inspiration from writing about something that she has experienced in life or am experiencing currently. A point she notes is the very reason why a great deal of the artist’s ballads are very personal and have such deep messages to them. For Auti’, what makes her music stand out is a culmination of her personal journey. Explained through lyrics born from personal life experiences. She goes onto highlight how there is only one of you who can experience the things you do, how you react to them, and ultimately how you feel about them. Translating that over into being an artist is a really beautiful thing, she explains. Seeking to carry a message of hope throughout her writing. Giving her the freedom to release a deep and emotionally charged song, with the premise behind it being that when you’re listening and relating, that you’re not alone.

Photos (by Jeremy Ryan)

The Prevalence of Anxiety

Auti’s anxiety disorder is most prevalent of the experiences she deals with mentally, and the one she feels most comfortable talking about because according to the artist, it is the most normalized. “Those heavier moments of anxiety in itself is something that I can overcome in the moment but with an actual disorder, it kind of becomes something that you learn to live with”. She points to her biggest challenge in her music as having learnt to navigate the industry. Auti humbly opens up about how the doors that have opened, but equally those that have closed, which she is very thankful for. 

Photos (by Jeremy Ryan)

Whilst she points to social media as having given her the channel to build her career, the artist does feel it can be quite bitter sweet at times. Whilst highlighting that you can reach an enormity of people through the various platforms. In reality, there is a sense of this giant mechanism being equally impersonal. Auti goes onto to reference how the truth is that working with people who understand your taste, your message and you as a person is fundamental to building a music career. Being open to the reality that a career is music does not just happen overnight. It takes years of solid graft.

To those looking to follow her footsteps, Auti feels the most important aspect is to learn an instrument. In doing so, will only strengthen the opportunities available to you. #watchthisspace