Fresh off having played at the iconic Shepherd’s Bush Empire music venue. We caught up with rising and breakthrough British boyband Here At Last. Fresh from their 2.9 million TikTok followers, and sold out shows across the UK, they are being billed as the One Direction/BTS for the TikTok generation. Most astonishingly, is that they have been able to develop their craft without a record deal. Busking and utilizing their TikTok income to earn a living and cover the expenses for producing their records. The band highlight that is was very much down to identifying a gap in the market and testing out the reaction of fans on TikTok to their music. With their first viral video receiving over 39 million views.

Bringing Bloodshot to Life

The band took a big chance on their latest single, they explain. The artists point out this is very much due to the different edge it conveys. With a dark feel in comparison to their earlier releases. A move they feel has helped developed them in coming out of their comfort zones when it comes to developing their music. With their first EP set for May this year, the boys cannot hide their excitement. 

” It’s the biggest step we’ve taken in regards to our releases. People can expect all of the original versions of our songs, but also some different ones as well. It’s also a nice thing for the fans to have, as it’s the first physical copy of any music we have released so far”.

The band’s music is incredible special, they point out. They explain how they connect all of their songs on a whole different level. Referencing their vocals, they feel their fans are able to connect in the same way. Which for the band is incredibly humbling, and amazing to be apart of. As for their favourite creation to date, there one clear winner [All In]. They highlight how it was a real privilege to work with Danny from “The Script”. Enabling the artists to create a truly incredible song, that their fans equally adored.

Connecting with their Fans

The boys explain that as long as their listeners can connect with the music they release, they will be happy. They take a very mature view that as long as they continue to receive the incredible support received from their fans. They will continue to release music, and do the one thing that they love. Their inspiration has primarily been centred around their family. “The support we’ve received throughout the progression of the band has been nothing but incredible. I don’t think any of us could have gotten through it without them. Also the fans, the support we receive gives us that push to keep doing what we do”. In addition, the boys take a great deal of influence from artists inc. One Direction, Jonas Brothers, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Ed sheeran.

Their advice for aspring student artists, is to take that first step. Regarless of what others may think. They point out that the next Adele could be out there, but without that first step (i.e. posting that first video, going to an open mic night), the dream will fade as quickly as it began. A reference that note as applying to all aspect of life. 

The band explain that their first and biggest challenge was when COVID hit. Although they noted that the implications of restrictions left in COVID’s wake was a blessing in disguise, as it resulted in greater attention around their music through TikTok. Which only continued as the growing popularity of the platform soared. With plans to continue working and developing their music. #watchthisspace