Disciples Exclusive – Musical Shepherds: what it takes to herd the crowd!


Contrary to their name, London-based production trio, Disciples, are anything but followers. While house and electronic music may be the God they praise – the three-piece are natural-born leaders, creating waves in the industry since they released their debut EP Remedy back in 2013.

Now recognised across the globe for their deep sound, the boys are returning back to their roots in their latest track, ‘Only The Gods’. Rekindling their early days of dropping underground club rollers that found them fame, Disciples are set to take 2020 by storm. Ahead of their biggest year yet, Student Pages caught up with the lads to find out what it really takes to herd the crowd.
Speaking on the trio’s behalf, Nathan Vincent Duvall looks back to those earlier years. Unable to pinpoint the precise moment the group realised music was for them, he tells us the path chose the three-piece instead. “For all of us, music is something that chose us,” he recollects. “I’ve tried to quit 100 times, but it just keeps calling me back. It started late for me – college – on a music tech course in Reigate Surrey. That’s where I met Gavin and we bonded over hip hop, R&B and house music. I met Luke years later when I put on a music industry course in Croydon – he was one of the stand-out stars, I describe him as the glue of Disciples.”
With the missing piece of the puzzle found, Luke formed the glue that held the boys together – bringing a new flavour to their sound that bought them international recognition. Each inspired by diverse influences from all corners of music, it’s the combination they needed to put a unique stamp on their style. “Our music is bipolar,” Duvall affirms. “We often have too many cooks so there’s all sorts of flavours. But when one of us isn’t there you notice a flavour missing.”
Together and creating waves in the industry for seven years, they’ve gained many followers along the way. But the true disciples of the production trio can be found much closer to home: themselves. “You must be your own fan before you gain other fans,” they tell us. “People fear what they don’t understand. You have to be compassionate enough to recognise that they don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve, confident enough to believe in your own journey and strong enough to not let people talk you out of your dreams.”
That said, Duvall tells us that their respective support networks have helped to keep their feet firmly on the ground. “We all have a strong network of family and friends who support us and tell us the truth,” he explains. “Without them, it’s difficult because you meet a lot of people in this industry and you don’t know if they’re truly down for you.”
Directing their next sentiment to those looking to get ahead in the industry, Disciples advise looking to all aspects of production. “Be open to finding your passion,” they urge. “It may not be in front of the screen. You may shine behind it. Meet as many people as possible and always be sharpening your tools. Whether you’re a producer, writer, manager, A&R – you can get better every day until you die. And lastly – be in it for the long haul. Forget this overnight success bullshit. It’s a myth.”
Something that’s not a myth is the trio’s ability to make their fans feel energised, reared up and ready to take on the world – and their new track, ‘Only The Gods’, does exactly that. Diving into deeper meanings lyrically, musically they’ve returned to their original underground ways – and it’s certainly paid off.
They may call themselves students of music, but their latest release is the product of a god-like effort – with chilling vocals from Anabel Englund, haunting beats aided by Lee Foss and a nostalgic concoction found in Disciple’s earlier tracks, ‘Only The Gods’ is set to be a head-knocker. Check it out for yourself when it drops on April 17th – it’s sure to be your chosen isolation soundtrack.
Gabriella Wieland
Author: Gabriella Wieland

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