Skate Kitchen’s Alexander Cooper on Manifesting your Own Reality


You’re 11 years old – eyes glued to Simpson’s Hit and Run as you’re about to complete it once again. This time, you’re about to seriously step things up a gear over the six-week holidays – only for your parents to yell up the stairs that playing video games won’t help you amount to anything.

Well, living proof that playing your favourite console over the summer break paves the steppingstones for success is Alexander Cooper – who found his passion for skateboarding from Tony Hawk’s video games. Since those early years of virtual kickflips and 360 shove-its, Cooper took his passion for skateboarding into the real world where he found his knack for performing tricks in the concrete jungle of New York City. From here, his hobby took flight to the big screen where he piloted the role of Charlie in ‘Skate Kitchen’ alongside Jaden Smith and Rachelle Vinberg.

It’s quite a feat – and one that’s set to only grow more legs and wheels as the young actor takes his skating talents to the small screen in HBO series, ‘Betty’, set to premiere later this year. In between boarding, acting and starring in renowned psychedelic music videos for the likes of Tame Impala, Student Pages caught up with the rising star to find out what the next year has in store.

“I feel blessed to be able to combine the things I love into one,” Cooper tells us. “I’ve been skateboarding since I was 12 years old. Acting and music were only dreams – ones that seemed unattainable.”

But like many goals initially brushed aside as a pipe dream, it was ample amounts of talent, chance meetings and a firm grasp on the law of attraction that took Alexander to where he needed to be. “The opportunity to be a part of Skate Kitchen opened my eyes, my heart and my mind. It made me realize that I don’t have to narrow myself to one craft. I can and will do anything I want. I have been manifesting my reality and will continue to do so.”

“I was thrown into this world,” he continues. “Everything happens for a reason – there are no such things as coincidences. […] Find something you love and combine your energy with what you love. You can have one thing or five things. Learn how to balance them and be patient. Focus up. You’ve got this – and get comfortable being alone.”

Through it all, the tool Cooper has used most to manifest his own reality? The virtual reality of social media. For those wanting to follow in the actor’s wheel treads, he urges caution when manifesting your goals in the virtual world. “Social media can be a tool or a trap depending on how you use it – or how it uses you,” he explains. “[It’s] the most powerful it has ever been, so use that to your advantage whether you’re 12 or 82. Speak your mind. People will listen or judge you. That’s fine – don’t let it faze you.”

It may sound simple – realize your passions, and they will come to fruition. But for those looking to embark on the path of manifestation, Cooper warns hard work, determination and unwavering commitment are a firm part of the process. “If you want this life, I swear you can have it,” he says. “It’ll only take everything you have plus 1000% of love, patience and dedication. It won’t be easy because if it was, everyone would do it. With acting, get some friends to film short films or film by yourself – write a script, act the script, practice a lot [and] don’t force it. Have fun and stay consistent.”

And for those wanting to follow in his footsteps, above all, the rising star recommends one key mantra – to love yourself. “When you truly love yourself, after doing hours and hours of intensive soul searching, self-realizing and self-acceptance, you gain this certain confidence in how you act and move. […] love the freedom of being able to express yourself in a way that you may not normally express yourself. […] Acting is infinite, and it’s a beautiful journey with long and amazing adventures.”

It certainly is – and we can’t wait to see what the world of film has in store next for the Skate Kitchen star. Alongside his acting and clothing endeavours, Cooper’s next move is a philanthropic one – seeking to rid the world of hardship in any way he can. “I’m going to do a lot of great things for a lot of amazing beautiful people,” he urges. “I am going to help the planet, the people and the animals. It will not happen overnight, but I guarantee my hard work and dedication will make a difference.”

True to his word, he directs his next sentiment to anyone hoping to start out in film or make a true difference in our world. “Follow me on Instagram and reach out if you have any questions. I will give you advice or even just listen if you need someone to talk to. Be yourself, and don’t let anyone make you feel less.”

You can find Alexander on Instagram at @alexandercsb – and we certainly know who’s handle we’ll be searching for when we want to next brush up on our manifesting skills.

Gabriella Wieland
Author: Gabriella Wieland

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