Dutch DJ JULIAN CROSS on MOLECULE, Living with Dyslexia & Following Your Dreams


“I have dyslexia. Writing or reading books is not really my thing, making music is, and I love it.  I do what I like most, making and creating music.”

Julian Cross’s entry into music started when he was a teenager. Having seen a DJ mixer at his friend’s place, and decided to try it.  Julian immediately took to it and could not get it out of his mind.

“I just loved being busy with music and everything that comes with it.  I went to Pioneer in the Netherlands to get a series of lessons on how to produce.  When I wasn’t at school I was busy with ‘music’. In fact this is in brief how my career started.”

Discovering Molecule

An emotive electronic cut, ‘Molecule’ pairs delicate vocals with progressive elements, delivering a laidback yet rousing house vibe. The track will feature on Julian’s forthcoming debut album Nebula. Inspired by future cosmic elements from the entire electronic music spectrum, it’s set for release on December 17th.

Julian explains how making / creating a single is a process, a process of trial and error, over and over again. He describes his music as a new sound, a little bit different, between space and cyberpunk.  With the vocals making his sound rather particular to others in his space. Referencing his favourite track from the album “Asteroid”;  Julian wants listeners to have a good, happy, joyful feeling when they hear his music.  He is keen for them to feel relaxed, amused.

 The DJ highlights how the people closest to him taught certain core values that they consider of paramount importance.  Julian tries to keep these values in my mind. He explains how important it is to work with people who ‘feel’ the same, people that you have a connection with. “Those people are not always easy to find, but he who seeks shall find.”

Looking Forward  

Julian firmly believes you should follow your dreams. The reason being  when you do, you really can make it happen’!  He highlights his biggest challenge to date has been producing his album. Currently working on different projects, the DJ plans to continue making more music, in addition to helping new artists with his new label New Breed Records.

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