“Be the hardest worker in the room and you’ll get to where you want to be”. Justin Thomas

For Ensemble actor Justin Thomas performing at the Oliver Awards was an incredible achievement. So to be able to be part of the “Best New Musical” is an incredible testament to the whole team, cast and crew; and everyone in the Adelphi [theatre], he explains. His first experience of theatre was originally Cats, which he watched at the London Palladium. Whilst he was not a huge fan of the show, he recalls how he fell in love with the experience of being in a theatre and as part of the audience. Acting as the catalyst that led him to pursue a career in the arts.
The actor admits that prior to taking his place with Back to the Future: The Musical, he had only seen the first film in the trilogy. He goes onto explain that he has always had the drive and passion to keep going and get to where he wants to be within his career. Humbled by the incredible support he has had from his wife and family to allow him to pursue his dream. Justin highlights the importance of not focusing on the things you are good at or enjoy. Instead to push yourself and work on the areas you are less confident in. The actor love for Back to the Future: The Musical will see him continue as Ensemble well into the future.#watchthisspace


Winning the award with Back to the Future: The Musical cast was a great achievement and something to remember, Jamal explains. “Making and working a show from scratch, then to have reward at the end. Amazing!” He goes onto highlight how working in theatre was always the plan. Admitting that he never saw himself in an office or doing anything else. Now working as Ensemble for [BTTF], the actor explains that his first introduction to theatre came through the production Scottsboro Boys. A powerful and emotional production. This made Jamal realize early on that he wanted to act and perform indefinitely!
Having watched the trilogy prior to working on BTTF, he explains that his work schedule is a routine he would not give up for the world. “Chill time, Show, Bed, Next Day, Repeat!”. He believes it is incredibly important to work hard and keep going, not matter what comes your way. To enjoy the moments whilst they are there, as they pass very quickly.#watchthisspace

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