BLOCKHEAD , the UK’s leading functional confectionery brand for people on the go, is on a mission to help students thrive and succeed this exam season. Created by a student whilst at university himself, it is the exam hack students can’t do without during this intense and stressful period. The ultimate students’ best friend, BLOCKHEAD has teamed up their best seller ENERGY Gum
with other student essential products to enable them to win this exam season.

Rapidly absorbed after five minutes of chewing via the gumseach gum is designed for a specific purpose. The BLOCKHEAD Student Essential Pack contains:

  • 2X ENERGY GUM for energy: the signature peppermint chewing gum with fast acting caffeine, it delivers an espresso’s worth of caffeine in only five minutes – five times faster than coffee, energy drinks or caffeine pills. Perfect to have during a cram session for an immediate boost or ahead of an exam to improve focus.
  • 2X WHITE GUM to shine: the brand’s fresh mint chewing gum with active charcoal and baking soda, to clean and refresh before entering the exam’s room, for when students run out of time to do their morning brush.
  • 2X VITAMIN GUM for vitamins: 100% RDA of vitamins D, C, B6 & A per 2 pieces. These gums are supercharged with the essential vitamins, to help boost immunity throughout exam season
  • 2X SCREWING GUM for fun: the limited edition aphrodisiac gum, to remember that life is not just about studying. Unlike the common aphrodisiac foods like oysters and chillies, the gum leaves breath minty-fresh and kissable, making it the perfect last-minute prep for a date or a tongue-in-cheek gift

All BLOCKHEAD products are sugar-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, and vegan Danny Lowe, founder and director at BLOCKHEAD says: “I founded BLOCKHEAD Energy Gum when I was a student – myself and my friends were using the ENERGY Gum across the day to boost before exams, deadlines, long drives, the gym and often after a heavy night! I know exam season is a very stressful period, so I’ve decided to create the BLOCKHEAD Student Essentials pack to help students achieve their best results!”

BLOCKHEAD is partnering with a number of universities throughout the exam periods this year, starting with The University of Greenwich, where it took over the Campus this past Tuesday, giving out free samples to students across the day.

The team hid BLOCKHEAD gums around campus, with encouraging notes to students to help support them this exam season. In addition to being on site with more samples and to answer any questions students might have. With Greenwich University students enjoying a social media competition for one lucky student to win a years supply of BLOCKHEAD products.

The BLOCKHEAD Student Essentials pack is available to buy online at costs £9,99. BLOCKHEAD is on sale at over 2000 retailers across the UK, including Coop, WHSmiths, Bp and Holland & Barrett stores as well as online at Ocado and Amazon