Exclusive Interview: KREAM & Eden Prince


For Daniel Slettebakken of KREAM, music has always been something he gravitated towards, programming sounds and exploring all different kinds of music software.

We caught up with the brothers (aka KREAM); and Eden Prince to find out more about their incredible link up, and what’s in store for the future.

“I never really thought of music as something I could make a living off, so I kept it as a side project while studying finance. I got my younger brother Markus into music production while I was in a different country studying”. – Daniel Slettebakken


Since first hearing of Eden Prince on Spotify, KREAM openly admit to being a huge fan of Prince’s euphoric house chords. This led to the brothers reaching out for a remix of their single Deep End. Having absolutely “killed the remix”, the brothers were keen to do more with Prince, and subsequently sent over an idea they were working on at the time which resulted in their new single ‘Ain’t Thinkin Bout You’.

“KREAM sent me an early demo of the track and I instantly connected with it. I added my vibe to the demo, and we went back and forth, eventually bringing it to Louisa who killed the vocal performance!” – Eden Prince

The track itself is a result of a recent change in musical direction, moving
more towards the kind of house music KREAM started out with.

KREAM describe their music as an energetic dance music with dark undertones. The brother’s feel what makes their music stand out is that their music manages to work on a dancefloor while still giving an emotional experience.

Eden on the other hand infuses his house music with R&B. With

a unique preference to experimenting which chord progressions and rhythms work well together and it is this element that he feels gives it a unique twist!

When it came to choosing a genre, KREAM explained that did not set out to choose a specific genre; they simply wanted to create music that they wanted to hear. “If it falls in that category, it is probably because that’s the music that we are inspired by and gravitate towards.”

KREAM were inspired by their family and friends, especially their parents, having been always very supportive of the brothers making music, which had a huge impact on helping them strive to get to where they are now.

For Prince, his inspiration sparked from listening to music that his parents would play in the car and spanned from reggae to Motown and everything in between.

What the Music Industry needs!

When it comes to finding like minded people within the music industry, Eden highlights the importance of how connecting with other house music producers had been a major factor in helping his career, “as getting feedback from peers has been a massive benefit to improving my production and general sound”.

KREAM feel the industry is heading in a good direction in terms of rights for artists and songwriters. There is still a long way to go but feel strongly there have definitely been worse times to be an artist than now.

As far as advice is concerned for students looking to get into the music industry, KREAM and Eden recommend aspiring artists be patient and be very careful when signing any deals. Eden Prince remembers as a music college student in Leeds, putting on house music events which allowed him to build relationships with fellow house music fans and become a part of the city scene

Facing Challenges!

To date the biggest challenges KREAM finds themselves facing is staying true to their sound and who they are as artists. From Eden’s perspective, being a Full-Time producer is constantly challenging, and as such constantly come across obstacles, so need to be able to love what you do have lots of patience.

Looking ahead, KREAM provided a sneak peak into new singles and tracks they are currently working on at the moment, highlighting their keen to take one step in the right direction at a time.

For Eden Prince, he is currently working on a lot of projects that span across all sorts of genres, and is very excited by what is on the horizon.