The Wicked Young Writer Awards – Finding Inspiration; Empowering Literacy


Inspiration is a word that is often defined by its ability to promote a positive reaction, articulated in a form that not only solidifies sheer brilliance, but exudes a marvel that ultimately leaves a person in awe! The Wicked Young Writer Awards is the epitome of inspirational youth literacy. Student Pages had the  honour of sitting down and speaking to 4 of the finalists whom are in my view, truly going to change the landscape of British Literacy, and with what we witnessed, what a future we have in store.

Lucy Dinning

From 16 Year Old, Lucy Dinning, with her exceptional piece “Climb”, a story about strength, emotion and physical adversity. Lucy’s piece embodies a poetic message of inner strength, a sub-conscious isolation from those of us, whom would otherwise take having a physical disability within our daily lives for granted.

Admittedly overwhelmed “in the best possible way” having just won the 15 – 17 Year Old Category. Lucy admits, the ability unlike other competitions to write about something she was passionate about, where she could be given the platform from which to showcase certain aspects of living with her disability, was a key factor in applying to the Wicked Young Writer Awards.

Marco Maguregi-Fleming

Winner of the 5 – 7 Year Old Category, with his exceptional piece “The Journey”. Marco’s entry is a piece at its heart on immigration, filled with emotion, loss, hardship and love. Marco has the incredible ability to transport you to a world that places you in an uncomfortable reality, one that we live with every day, but think little about, due to our daily lives, even though the reality lives no more than a few hundred miles away from where we play out our daily ritual.

Noting Literacy as his favourite subject, and a big lover of comics and poetry, Marco took inspiration from his mother to pursue literacy, explaining how his mom inspired him to pursue reading after school every day!

Kristen Hawke

With her winning entry “In Control”; Kristen Hawke was a pleasure to speak to, still in awe at having won the 18-25 Year Old Category, she expressed sheer gratitude for being chosen. “Its amazing to have people like Cressida Cowell believe I can do this”.

“In Control” was inspired by a true life event, a story about two friends – one of whom is used to being in the limelight and the other very much isn’t. The friends unexpectedly find themselves in each other’s shoes; with one dealing with it very well, the other…the other not so much. For Kristen, she felt it was a “relatable story that had a bit of a punch to it, and those are the stories I like to read.”

Hannah Hodgson

Hannah Hodgson, with runner up entry Much More Than a Building, a poet and from Cumbria originally, was inspired to pursue a career in writing through her disability. Initially, reluctant, she found writing gave her an avenue to express both frustration and passion for living with a disability, leading to her submission, which revolves around living in a hospice, the stigma associated with what it actually means to live in a hospice, and that the term hospice itself, is no longer solely associated with end of life care.

Further winning finalists also included Jennifer Allen, winning entry of the 11-14 Category, for her piece on “Dying Words”. A beautiful creative piece of fiction about the life of a writer’s struggle of what it means to be mortal and the freedom of choice; and Humreen Ellen, winning entry of the 8-10 Category for her piece “Trapped”.

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