Nice things to do for your Partner in a Long-Distance Relationship


Written by Julia Kajdi – Student Writer

Being away from someone we love, depending on the Internet whether you have a chance to see them and spending lots on actually meeting each other – just a couple of things you need to face in a long-distance relationship. It is indeed extremely hard and exhausting but with some nice things you can make it slightly easier. Here are some tips for those, brave enough to stay together.

I.) Send a letter! I know that we live in a time where technology is basically everything, try to mix it up! Sending a letter or a postcard is much more personal and receiving it makes you feel different than just realizing the you have another massage on your phone. No matter if you do it regularly or just on special occasions, exchanging letters is still romantic!

II.) Send a gift! The same goes for presents regardless their sizes. Birthday, Christmas and other holidays seem obvious choices, but let’s spice it up! Surprise your partner with something sweet just as a reminder that you always think of them. E.g. if you go to abroad and get a souvenir, don’t wait until your next meeting. Or if you want to play Santa, just order a chocolate, tea or beer calendar to them and I guarantee that you’re gonna make your other half smile day by day as they open the 24 windows.

III.) Be early! Now the next thing could be tricky if you live real far away, but not impossible! When you already have the date of your next meeting, try to be clever and arrive earlier. Lie about the day or the exact time and surprise your partner, even if it means only a couple of hours. The gesture itself means a lot.

IV.) Prepare for video chat! When seeing each other on screens, make some effort. Wash your hair and wear something nice! I’m not saying the being you and spontaneous is something you should avoid, but dressing up even for the camera means you care.

V). Trust each other! It is more like a general idea, this one is by far the most important. No relationship could work without trust but this is especially true for long distance ones. Just believe that what you feel applies to your loved one. If you wouldn’t do anything to hurt them, trust them with the same. Imagine going to parties, meeting new people even having a beer or two with friends from the other sex with the constant worrying whether your other half is okay with these or not. You should always encourage them to participate in as many events as possible. After all, these are your Uni years – it is all about experiencing, networking and having fun. And even if you cannot be with them while they explore a new world, trust them and wait to hear the incredible stories that they want to share with you.