Lu$ on “Moody” and Falling in Love with the Art of Creating!


“I always felt like I wasn’t enough but all I had was the love from my family and music. I learned to love myself, I love my dark skin , I love my hair! and learned that I am who I am and God created me in his eyes , with a purpose and that is all that matters.”- Lu$
Lu$ is a Haitian-American singer-songwriter hailing from Miami, FL. Her love for writing music originated from elementary school when she was asked to write a song for her fifth grade teacher. Student Pages caught up with the up and coming young artist ahead of her unleashing her highly anticipated EP “Moody”! (Release date: 12th June ’20)
Describing her music as powerful, freeing and empowering. Lu$ believes her music stands out because of her unique way of writing and melodies. Standing out because when she sings, she sings with full emotion behind every single lyric!

Finding Her Footing
Arriving in the U.S at the young age of 9, and 2 weeks before schools opened, Lu$ explains how she did not know a drop of English. Humbly admitting she subsequently joined a choir shortly after, with no idea she could sing or the fact that this decision would change her life forever. After joining, the young artist gained a deeper interest in writing and music. With this added determination, Lu$ proceeded to join every band her school offered where she found a love for playing Alto
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Saxophone for 7 years and counting!
To the present, Lu$ explains how “Moody the EP” has developed her tremendously as an artist, especially as an independent artist. From spending long hours in the studio only for it to feel like minutes, learning that there’s more to this than just creating . Lu$ embraced being able learn all the logistics that come with working within the music industry.
“I learned to pay attention to detail and most importantly I strengthened my financial discipline significantly.”
The inspiration behind her new EP came from a single she wrote which is oddly enough also titled “Moody”. She highlights that even though she is only 20 years old, the artist expands how having been through a lot emotionally, writing “Moody” offered a release. Opening up, how tears were streaming down her face and she had this emotional moment in her room. A moment where the young artist knew that a lot of people would be able to relate and have their own moments. This was going to be something special!
“I chose the path because I fell in love with the art of creating something out of nothing. To create sounds that are healing and can change an individual’s mood is truly a blessing. I also believe that the path chose me and I am so grateful for that too.”
For her fans, LU$ want the listeners to allow themselves to let go and feel everything they want to feel. To let themselves go and just enjoy the lyrics and the melodies.
Strength in Family
Lu$ explains how she has had a great deal of support from the people in her life. From her family through to friends. With one person particularly standing out. Her Dad!
“My dad is so supportive towards my music. Anything I needed he was always two steps ahead of me in getting. He was always at every band concert and every performance ready with his phone to record. Driving 7+ hours to attend auditions with me and the list goes beyond. I am so grateful for the love and support I receive from my family.”
Credit: Small G (@smallgtetchaje)
However, growing up, Lu$ highlights how she was targeted because of the color of her skin. Made fun of because of how dark her skin was. Something that fortunately did not cause the aspiring artist to lose any drive towards her dream. It did affect however knock her confidence, she admits.
Fortunately, Lu$ points out she has never suffered from any depression/anxiety or mental health problem. Referencing her friends who have suffered from these issues and it’s really tough to deal with. Noting that it’s important to remember we are tougher that we think, and we can take any obstacles that come our way.
Significance of being Social
The artist opens up about utilizing social media significantly. Realizing early on that she had open access to share her music to the whole WORLD! at the touch of her fingertips. Highlighting how she is constantly reposting her music; sharing with new people everyday; and asking them to share with their friends.  The artist does in addition point to the importance of having a close connection with a producer and recording studio. Overtime working with the same group of people allows for them to learn her style, her work-ethic and her voice. Grateful to the close connections she has with her producer Terrance Daniels and the fantastic engineers at Forever current studios.
For those interested in following her path, Lu$ recommends really knowing withing yourself if this is what you want to do! Music is more than creating especially when you don’t have a team behind you. It is a lot of work that sometimes doesn’t pay off right away. Believe in yourself all the way and to make sure you are your biggest fan first because when you love what you do and you are 100% confident in what you , other people will start to see it and they then will love what you do and will want to support you too.
Highlighting her biggest challenge being financial restrictions, the artist explains how she always and will always make it work one way or another! Lu$ is currently working on her pre-release steps to make sure that the project is successful! With plans to hopefully continue writing more music and dropping singles as often as she can. Writing and releasing a longer EP’s and eventually an Album! Working through her weaknesses and strengthening her talent.

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