Exclusive with Canadian Rapper DAX


Originally finding his route into music as a junior in college, writing poetry, and playing basketball, Canadian rapper Dax is not your story book leap into the music industry. We caught up with the talented artist to find out more about his highly anticipated EP ‘I’ll Say It For You’

I’ll Say it For You

Describing his music as raw and impact. Dax highlights how his music stands out because it can’t be recreated.

“No one can step in a studio and tell an engineer to make them sound more like Dax.” 

The New EP has developed Dax personally in terms of music making. He highlights how he took the next step in his song making abilities in terms of combining it with his poetry. The underpinning inspiration behind every song being that of life experiences.

For his listeners, depending on the song they are listening to. Dax aims to achieve goosebumps that lean towards either motivation or  the comfort of relating to whatever he is talking about. Wanting them to feel like they can conquer the world.

Finding Inspiration

For Dax, his parents are hands down his inspiration. Opening up to his parents being the hardest workers he has ever been around without  question.

“Watching them work the way they did was all the inspiration I needed. I am a product of my environment.”

Refreshingly, Dax found finding people in the music industry akin to the music he wanted to produce not vitally important. Openly admitting that the rapper does not go looking for people. Instead choosing to create and let the energy from what he creates attract the people who connect with it. From there Dax chooses to let their actions decide whether or not they should work together.

The Music Industry

Dax believes the music industry ultimately needs greater balance. Especially in hip-hop which he highlights as not being the largest genre. There’s room for everything but their just need to be a balance of content for the people listening.

For student looking to get into the music industry, Dax makes a clear statement.

“Believe in yourself. Don’t be lazy. If you’re open shoot, if you miss shoot again, and if they cut you off change directions.”

Highlighting the biggest challenge as anything out of his control, Dax points to his new EP which he is working to promote. One that is full of songs he feels the world needs to hear. With future plans to put his stamp on the world with music that will last forever along with milestones he would personally like to achieve!