Exercise: Why you Should!!


Written by Myrhan Stephen – Student Pages Lifestyle Journalist

Why should you as a student find the time to exercise? Aside from the more notable benefits of improving your mood and general well-being, it also means less time spent being sick as having a good exercise regime teamed up with a healthy diet boosts your immune system.

“You feel better when you are physically fit and can do more.”

I have a lot of hours in my week which are committed to college work. I am a full-time student, with 19 hours of classes and about 20 hours of self-study. In addition to this, I have a part-time job with a 15-30-minute commute each way. Not to of course mention the importance of our sleep.

However, this being said, keeping yourself active and finding the time to do exercise is vital for both your mental and physical health.

In my experience, making time for more intense planned physical exercise has been very beneficial. This does not have to be going to the gym. I know that the idea can be daunting but after the first awkward session, it gets better. I asked the gym instructors for help and they devised a program for me and showed me how to use the equipment.

If the gym is not your thing then you could join a class. I enjoy going to classes because there is a sense of comradery with the other people in the class. Going to a Zumba class for the first time is a bit awkward but after getting to know some other people in the class, you can push each other to do your best.

I know that a lot of students will not exactly be rife with money so if you cannot afford to pay a gym membership or for classes then exercise at home. Now, even if you are not able to afford those, there are still options for you. Searching online will provide you with a wealth of information enabling you to find the type of exercise that suits you.

According to Public Health England, adults should aim to be active throughout the day and have 150 minutes of planned exercise including a range of activities.

In brief, you should minimise the amount of time you spend sitting down. You could walk or cycle to university instead of driving or getting the bus. Instead of ordering a takeaway for delivery, walk for collection (though counterproductive, it is okay on occasion).

Lets be honest, our generation spends more time stationary than previous because of technological developments and the fact that most of our jobs now have less manual labour. More than 7 hours of our days are spent being inactive.

So…find the time to do exercise. You will notice the difference!

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  1. Great article Myrhan. Fully agree with all you say. I’d add that something is better than nothing and if you are really keen try insanity workouts. No weights required and can all be done in your living room. It’s defines the saying “no pain, no gain”!!