Episode 27: Dr. Steven Greer – World’s Leading Authority on UFO’s, ET Intelligence & Technologies


Finlay speaks to Dr. Steven Greer in our latest podcast surrounding his latest documentary “Close Encounters of the 5th Kind”. Click here

Dr. Greer is the World’s Leading Authority on UFO’s, ET Intelligence & Technologies. A topic normally seen as controversial by its nature, is one of significant importance, non more so given the recent US disclosure currently taking place surrounding the UFO topic. In this episode, we are priviledged to go direct and hear from those directly engaged in this incredible phenomenon, and bring home the truths surrounding this incredible subject! “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” follows on from Dr. Greer’s preceding works: Sirius and Unacknowledged, which broke crowdfunding records and sparked a grassroots movement.#watchthisspace!!

In this film, Dr. Steven Greer brings to light incredible details that the architects of secrecy do not want you to know; how forgotten spiritual knowledge holds the key to humans initiating with highly advanced ET civilizations. This film features a large amount of groundbreaking video and photographic evidence and supporting interviews from some prominent figures such as legendary civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan; Adam Curry of Princeton’s PEAR Lab and Dr.Russel Targ who headed the CIA’s top secret remote viewing program. Their Message: For several thousands of people, contact has begun. This is their story (credit: imbn).

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