Exclusive Interview with Upcoming Young DJ Bklava


Drawing on many of her influences including her Lebanese heritage. We caught up with Bklava ahead of her jam packed release schedule over the coming months leading into 2020, whilst catching up with her about the release of her debut single ‘CNTRL’.

Honing her craft in recent years, the South London artist has recently played with the likes of Annie Mac, M.O.A.D, Conducta, Roska, Matt Jam Lamont, Wookie at his month-long Camden Assembly residency. She has also supported El-B, Dan Shake, Zed BiasKurupt FM, Annie Mac and High Focus Records.

The Beginning

Bklava has been singing for as long as she can remember.  Music has always been a very big part of her life! Having taken an interest in DJing in her late teens – Bklava found they both made her musically complete. This subsequently set her on a path of merging the two together. 

“I chose this path because it is the thing I am best at and I can’t imagine doing anything else! I did this on my own for a few years, playing all around Brighton and doing radio then played at a party where a friend saw me perform and wanted to hook me up with some managers he knew. He said it was completely up to me what I did with that information….obviously I followed it up the next morning!”

With the release of her new track ‘CNTRL’, Bklava is humbled by the response and reaction received, humbly admitting it has helped her grow as an artist. Having wanted to release her music for quite some time, the artist now feels that even though young, have released her track before hitting 25 is a major achievement. The debut track itself taking inspiration from being free, single and comfortable within herself..being in “cntrl” of the direction she wants her life to take”

Finding her Music

Bklava describes her lyrics as a medium from which to lift people up, dance and sing along to. With her lyrics have a very personal meaning to the artist, Bklava wants to her music to resonate with people, not just to dance in a club but also for people to connect to. Equally is the sense of empowerment. For the listeners to feel confident through her music.

Finding people within the industry who you work well with is vitally important. This is none more so than in Bklava’s experience. Having originally been introduced to singing, music and guitars by her father, Bklava used this foundation to seek out like minded people, brimming with confidence, and not shy to let her have a go on the decks!

When it comes to the industry itself, the artist highlights the need for more female producers and promoters.

“female promoters tend to be more willing to put on female acts. I think it is because there are lots of girls who haven’t actually been given an opportunity to learn and get given the tools.  Through some workshops I’ve done with Spin Suga we always get girls signing up really fast so I just think they need a platform for it.”

For students looking to get into the music industry, Bklava advises to not stop working hard. The reality is you cannot expect anything to be handed to you on a plate. The musician/DJ points to people she knows who are extremely talented but do don’t anything so don’t get anywhere. In her experience, when the musician/DJ sees people work hard they are the one’s doing well. They have the drive and desire and they get it. The key point of note is that if you have that motivation and ambition, you stand a far higher change of achieving your dreams.

Bklava has plans to go to Lebanon next year, where she plans to record lots of sounds and film lots of things too.  Keen to build on her creative repertoire, she is keen on filming people in Beirut, and creating a music video out of the footage to add to her portfolio.

Looking 12 month ahead, Bklava has her heart set on having grown her career, playing festivals, with more releases!