Exclusive Interview with FRANKY WAH


From humble beginnings learning how to DJ and produce as a teen, Franky Wah (aka Luke Storrs), has had an emphatic last 12 months, releasing a slew of successful singles over the course of 2019. Arguably his most successful has been ‘Hide’, featuring New Zealand singer-songwriter Robinson, which became BBC Introducing ‘Track Of The Week’ on Radio, alongside support from the likes of Annie Mac, Pete Tong and Danny Howard.
We caught up with the driving force that is FRANKY WAH, to find out about his humble beginnings and what he has in store for 2020!

The Beginning
Luke has always has a strong passion for music. The urge to produce his own music stemmed from being in the studio, which Storrs admittedly finds the ultimate escape from which to let his creativity thrive. ‘When i make music, I don’t thing about anything else’.
His music is a creative blend between melodic and soulful tunes. For Storrs, he feels his music is defined and ultimately stands out due to the mixture of elements pulled from different genres. The result is a mash up that is unique, and optimizes the genius that is FRANKY WAH!
Inspired by his dad, Luke highlighted how his father has played an instrumental support factor in his success.From supporting his career, checking in on the DJ’s progress on a daily basis, listening to Spotify whenever the opportunity presents itself, his father has gone so far as to start learning the guitar!
When it comes to his music, Storr’s favorite creation to date is his record After Time due for release on Afterlife in May ’20. For the producer, the production process was especially natural and seamless, recording in no less than 5 hours.
Having completed his collaboration with Jessie Ware, Storr humbly admits developing personally through their work.
‘Working with artists is so different to sampling on your own in the studio. I felt it was a really good progression for me to be producing with an artist of that calibre.’
For Storr, finding people in the industry that were akin to the music he wanted to produce was extremely important. ‘It’s such a great feeling to know people are resonating with your music but I also think the most important thing is that you are happy’. For the House DJ, it shows in your music. If you’re making music because you think other people will like it then the problem you face is music that comes across as cold and very manufactured.
When is comes to the music industry, Storr strongly feels originality and artists sticking to their guns is required. Notably, as an artist blows up with a certain sound, there is a tendency for others to follow suit which ends up with everyone sounding the same!
For students looking to get into the music industry, Storr keeps it simple ‘enjoy it’.
‘Making music is a beautiful thing so don’t let the politics of music ruin that. Treat all the added luxuries of being an artist, i.e signing to big labels and travelling the world to play music, as a bonus. If you’re producing music to be rich and famous then you may as well quit now!’
The DJ’s biggest challenge to date has been getting his music heard by the right people. He is currently completing a new project that has been a year in the making. Safe to say, he can’t wait to let everyone hear it!! With future goals to be nominated/win a Grammy, land a world’s hottest record and an essential new tune on Radio 1, FRANKY WAH is continuing to build a strong brand within his label, with plans to eventually build it into an event.