Irish Artist Aimée on her latest single “Just a Phase” & the art of following her inner compass!


We caught up with Irish Songstress Aimée following the release of her latest single “Just A Phase”. A single, she explains was inspired from listening to the pop music that has brought the artist joy over the past few years. “I wanted this track to elicit the same response in the listener [ref to Max Martin] – nothing too heavy, not too ‘message driven’ – just fun, sensual pop!

The artist going on to point out that her intense love of the late 90’s, early 00’s era comes through her music in a very unique style. Openly obsessive about the vocal runs and melodies from her favourite tunes of that era, Aimée explains how she takes influence from that era and marries it with modern production. Further highlighting that this approach to her music has been what has made her fans gravitate towards her music and generated the most interest since her first release “Don’t Bother”.

“I guess it really started when I began to upload content to my YouTube channel as a teenager- I had always loved music & dance, but my anxiety lead to a happy accident of forcing me to create for online only”. 


Aimée opens up about her school days where she recalls how having ambition to be a musician was nothing more than ammunition for bullies. This led the artist to compose a song about her experience when it was at it worst, called ‘Bulletproof’. Going onto point out how the song itself is still to this day difficult to sing as it brings back a lot of bad memories, most notable how low she felt at that moment in time. Although, out of this despair has enable the artist to connect with a generation of fans that have had similar experiences, for which she is incredibly humbled by.

“Anxiety is a constant area of my life which I have to manage – music and creativity certainly help. As does the support of good friends, colleagues and family. I feel fortunate to have a support network when things get on top of me sometimes. And my dog Coco who is my guardian angel!”

Finding the right people to bring her vision to life has been essential, Aimée explains. She recalls having numerous horror story moments of being verbally abused in studios, spoken down to, and underestimated. Going onto highlight how it took the artist a long time to build up trust with other writers and producers; with special mention to Richey McCourt, Ruth Anne Cunningham, Nick Jarl– and Ollie Green. In addition to her label, management & booking agents who according to the artist are very clear on how pop driven she is, and help in identifying strategies to match her creative vision.

Aimée highlights how her greatest challenge to date has been managing through the shut down of the live industry. With a mantra of working hard and focusing on who you are as an artist – to follow your inner compass and find people who understand how to help you execute your visions.

The artist is currently planning her next single, with writing sessions planned in Stockholm & LA. In addition to prepping her tour for next year, which is extremely excited about. Whilst continuing to work across the Irish Women in Harmony project. #watchthisspace