It’s Bananas – The In Game Review


It’s Bananas is the sort of game that cannot fail to break the ice or end in hilarity!

It involves wearing a monkey tail (that possibly looks like something else) and taking on different challenges involving using the tail to pick up objects and trying to beat your opponent. Warning – it involves a lot of squats – agony if you haven’t done much exercise in a while!

It certainly can work well as a drinking game but also it is so much fun that you don’t need to rely on alcohol to enjoy it. And it would work just as well to take home for Christmas to enjoy with your family as it would with your housemates at uni. It is super-simple to understand and involves zero brain power!

You need a bit of floor space to lay the obstacles out but apart from that, everything you need is in the box. You have to set everything up and unpackage it the first time you use it which takes a few minutes but after that, the game can be as short or long as you like.

I definitely recommend this game really to anyone who doesn’t mind making themselves – and others – look a bit silly. You’ll have a lot of fun and laughter in the process.

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By Sarah Canning – Student Accommodation Features Editor