We caught up with Twitch streamer Fabu Rocks. Rising to fame as one of the most successful Twitch streamers on the internet at the young age of 8. Now 14 Years of age, the Twitch & TikTok star explains how she is keen to utilize her channels to share her experiences of living with ADHD [Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder]. She highlights how she never intended to develop a career through social media platforms. Having started this journey as behaviour therapy for her ADHD, and speech delay. Over time Fabu Rocks started embracing her ADHD with her community and decided to be more open about her struggles and help educate others with the medical disorder.

“I want to share my experience to include my struggles because I want others to know they aren’t alone. When I was younger, I was ashamed of my ADHD and did not feel comfortable talking about it. I have now embraced having ADHD and have begun to learn more about it so that I can help by educating others in my same situation”.

Life Before Twitch & TikTok

Before Twitch & TikTok, Fabu Rocks career plan was to grow her audience on Facebook Gaming. However, she articulately points out that the younger audience is not on Facebook Gaming. So Twitch and TikTok became her preferences to focus her attention. She goes onto highlight how she admires content creator markiplier, and would love to collaborate with the content creator. She further points out that the beauty of being a TikTok Influencer is being able to talk about her ADHD openly without feeling judged. To bring awareness about ADHD and help those living with the medical disorder. With her messages focusing on providing her audience with hope that if she can achieve these incredible feats whilst living with ADHD. They can too and should embrace it, using a variety of techniques to work through each day. 

Fab Rocks opens up about how her family has been crucial to her career. Supporting the Twitch star both emotionally and financially. “Kids, who want to be content creators, absolutely need their family support. It would be near impossible to achieve without it. I have been fortunate to have supportive parents who are all in, with helping me achieve my goals and dreams”. The influencer strongly feels the world needs content people can trust is accurate.

Incredible Feats at such a Young Age

Fabu Rocks points to her biggest achievement to date attending E3 when she was 12 years old. For those not familiar with the event, E3 is a major gaming event/convention restricted to only those 18 years and older. Courtesy of her sponsor Turtle Beach, Fabu Rocks was given a special pass to get in and felt incredibly special being 12 and going to this prestigious event.

The influencer’s short-term goal is to be consistent with creating content on all platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube shorts, TikTok, and Twitter. In addition to continuing her work in speaking about ADHD at gaming convention panels. 

Fabu Rocks advise for those wishing to aspire to build a career on social media platforms is to make sure you are doing content that you are passionate about. “You will be working a lot and you really don’t want to be doing something you don’t enjoy…JUST BE YOURSELF BECAUSE THAT IS FABULICIOUS. 😊”!#Watchthisspace