Music Genres hit a Chord with music lovers in North East England


Written by Emma Judge – Student Pages Entertainment Journalist

Music genres were brought to life by a range of fantastic acts courtesy of Wearsiders Presents (21st October ’17). From the audience it was  fantastic to see artists genuinely support each other on and off stage. Music ranged from rap, rock, chiptune, beat-box, dance and dubstep, with beloved bands and artists of the North of England performing to the delight of the crowds.

                X Critical Strike X light sounds of chiptune chimed familiar notes of Gameboy to the modern audience. Along with his chatty demeanor, he bounced on stage, his light up shoes and glow stick setting the stage alight with bright colours.  The upbeat tempo led the audience to fully engage with the music, singing and dancing along with their songs. The high energy of X Critical Strike X shows what he does best, as the audience cheered and chanted along to songs as ‘I’m in love with Coco’. It is very clear this artist thoroughly enjoys what he does.

All the way from Sheffield, HarleyLikesMusic creeped in hard-core sounds, heavy with tints of rock. The gnarly mix of chiptune and bass were lifted in the air. Heavy drumbeats settled in themes of nightclub dancing, to which the audience happily complied. HarleyLikesMusic offered a more edgy darker side to the genre of chiptune, a contrast to the performer before him. Holding a natural charisma on stage, the claps of both the music and audience continued especially when he invited fellow musician B-Type on stage to perform a new ‘dubstep’ song just for the audience. His style gelling with the rap style of B-type.

With their carefree attitude rapper B-type and beat-boxer Cyberbyte fully engaging the audience; the audience waved and sang along to songs that included ‘We want Brains.’ They staged humorous bickering, referring to themselves as ‘old married couple’. It was obvious to see that these two performers knew each other well and were keen to entertain the audience. They gave shout outs to people behind the scenes of the event, the bar staff and the people on the doors. A duet that always pleases, they left the audience in a merry mood, dancing, laughing and chanting away.

                One Man Revival ended the night with the night with rock and roll, highlighting the joys of a Halloween rock rendition of the ‘Ghost Busters’ theme song. Performing their own songs such as ‘Day by day’, as well as covers, this band gelled well together, rocking the night out with their classic guitar solos and fast paced drums. Chatting with the audience, they encouraged audience to chant along.

This event has left audiences roaring out for more nights like this.