Must-Have Items for Every University Student!!


University might be your first time away from home and you might be wondering what you should take with you. Well, for one, cleaning supplies! Whether you live in halls of residence, a flat, or a house-share, having the right cleaning products will help make your move from home that much easier. Rooms in uni accommodation can be tiny and get dirty quickly. In the chaos of freshers week, simple things like cleaning surfaces or doing frequent washes will be the last thing on your mind. Below is a list of top products that will you save both time and money in the long run: 

  1. Colour Catcher

At uni, you will be sharing amenities, which means that the washing machines will be chock-a-block, and no one likes having to wait to clean two loads of laundry. If you use Colour Catcher, you’ll half the number of washes because these nifty laundry sheets prevent colour run accidents by trapping loose dyes, meaning you won’t need to separate your washes according to whites, patterns and colours. Colour Catcher reduces the number of washes you’re doing, saving you time, money and energy. Not to mention that they are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) classified, so your washes will be the most sustainable they’ve ever been!

  1. Crock-Pot’s 6-quart Express Crock Multi-Cooker

Coming home from a day at the library or an afternoon of sport, you’ll probably be feeling drained. Cooking a meal from scratch will be the last thing you feel like doing. So why not consider investing in a slow cooker? All you have to do is throw ingredients in the cooker in the morning before you head off to lectures; the food will cook while you are out, and on your return you’ll be welcomed by delicious, well-cooked dinners. Bolognese, stews, soups, chillies – you’ll never order takeaway again! The Crock-Pot’s 6-quart Express also pressure cooks, browns, sautés and steams.

  1. Jeyes Fluid Multi Usage Disinfectant trigger Spray

Studies show that dirty surfaces increase your chances of catching the fresher’s flu. Jeyes All Purpose Multi Disinfectant spray can be used on all indoor and outdoor surfaces and even protects against limescale build-up. With communal bathrooms and kitchens, having a multi-use spray is essential to stop cross-contamination of germs on kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Plus Jeyes All-Purpose Spray leaves no harmful residue, meaning that you don’t need to worry about spraying it in a small room or space. 

  1. Tupperwares/ Vacuum sealer 

A fantastic money-saving hack is having a vacuum sealer or lots of Tupperwares. Both can be bought in bulk at really cheap prices.   You can buy this six-pack for only £1.50 at Wilkos. Using Tupperwares allows you to meal prep for your lunches for the day ahead, meaning that you won’t be tempted to splash the cash at cafes and restaurants. Putting meat or dry goods, such as sugar and rice, in a vacuum-sealed bag will increase their lifespan, so you don’t have to worry about the product going off  anytime soon. Don’t forget you can also use vacuum-sealed bags to freeze food and meals – a hack that will make your food last for up to six months!

  1. Croc Odor

In a house full of students, it is fair to say that the fridge will be working overtime and will be home to leftovers galore. We all know how a fridge can begin to pong – especially when every shelf is used by a different person. Croc Odour is a fridge deodorant designed to neutralise smells, so you don’t need to worry about the stinky consequences of other people’s leftovers. Simply put the Croc Odour on the middle shelf of the fridge, and it will make your fridge smell fresh and even prevent the cross-contamination of food. You will become everyone’s favourite housemate!

6 Lenor Crease Release Spray

In your first few weeks of uni, you will be meeting lots of new people, and that means that you will want to keep your clothes in tip-top condition. Ironing is not always practical when you are a student and there is always that one crease that is impossible to get out. Try Lenor’s Crease Release Spray. It’s only £2.50 and all you have to do is spray it over your clothing, then ‘pull and smooth’ the creases, which will vanish before your very eyes. The spray will also keep your clothes smelling fresher for longer!

  1. Bloo Fragrance Switch

The last thing anyone wants to do is clean the communal toilet every week,  but Bloo Fragrance Switch will take the pressure off. Simply put the block on the rim of your toilet and position it into the flow of the water. Every time you flush the toilet, the block will automatically foam up, removing limescale, disinfecting and will emit a lovely fragrance,which switches every flush! This hack will save you time and effort and will keep your bathroom smelling fresh throughout the week. 

  1. Oust All Purpose Descaler

Moving into a new uni house means you will probably be using appliances that are already there. Showers and kettles are real culprits for limescale. Limescale is the chalky off-white crust that is produced when hard water from the tap is heated. If you come armed with Oust All Purpose Descaler you don’t have to worry about mucky shower heads and kettles. Oust works in just 10 minutes and removes 100% of all limescale on a range of small household appliances, including kettles, irons and coffee machines. Just put the descaler in the appliances and let it do the hard work for you.