5 Personalities You Meet on a Student Night Out


Written by Robyn Smith – Student Pages Lifestyle Journalist

Everyone knows that they change when they’ve had a couple of beers or of course a few bottles of wine, some more than others! We can all appreciate our drunk self’s however it’s hard to keep up. So tell me, which drunk are you?

The Happiest Person In The World.

This is me! The typical symptoms of a happy drunk are usually; buying all the rounds for the lads and lassies. Singing and dancing to every single song that comes on, even if you don’t know it that well! Excellent dance moves as always, and a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm for absolutely everything. This person will say the same thing over and over again at different times of the night; “Y’know, I absolutely love you. We should do this every weekend. Oh my god! I love this song!”. The happiest person in the world will make the best night out, purely because you sometimes wish you were having as much fun as them.

The Pro.

We all have that one friend who is the professional drinker. Who does this most weekends and more than likely every skint Tuesday! These are the people who organize pre-drinks at 5 o’clock when you aren’t meant to be going out till 9. Usually the coolest person of the group, who no matter how big their vodkas are, will stay strong and still maintain their composure before the taxi arrives.

The Crier.

Now, everyone, and I mean everyone, has a crier in their group. You may find the crier outside the club with her hair a mess and her mascara down her face with no shoes on, crying about how Brad just broke up with her. This isn’t just because they feel like crying, this is what happens when you drink too many shots of tequila! It doesn’t even have to be about an ex… They’re maybe just crying because when McDonald’s say they close at 3am, they actually close at 2:45!

The Dead Body By The End Of The Night.

Ah yes, what is a night out without one of your best mates lying in their own vomit regretting all of the decisions they have made that night? While you have to obviously look out for the person, grab some cheeseburgers and watch as they remember how many jagerbombs they have done and why there are so many stains on their best tops. Once they are on all four in the gutter there is no getting them back up again unless it’s in a taxi home to their beds, which always seem like the comfiest thing in the world after a night of partying. You will more than likely hear the words; “No honestly, I’m fine. Just get me some water and I’ll have second wind”, while expelling their stomach contents into their shoes and slurring their words.

The person who is all of the above.

This person is literally insane. There is always that one person who goes through all of these stages in just one night before they collapse in their lovely beds at their own home… Hopefully at their own home! Everyone loves and hates a night out with this person, because they start off having a great time with you, end up elsewhere on their own because they’ve met someone they work with, or generally too drunk to even have a conversation… But don’t worry because their hangovers in the morning will be far worse than your own!

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