Fresher’-n up your Student Pad


Written by Anouska Levart – Student Pages Features Editor

Throughout your time at university, whether you live in halls, a house or at home, you need to make your room feel homely. During the summer we will be providing you with different ways to freshen up your bedroom while featuring lovely artists!

Travelling is on the top of most students bucket list, but studying comes first, and you may have to wait a while to fulfil your travelling adventures. In the meantime, subside your wanderlust wishes by decorating your room based on a country you want to explore, or style it around a culture, or place you want to visit.

Featured Artist: Arthouse

Making your uni halls feel like home can sometimes be a bit tricky – with the help of a few style tips from Arthouse (, you could have your dream room in no time!


One trend which is doing the rounds at the moment is ‘tropics’ – everything from big palm prints to pineapples. If you want to escape the England blues and feel like you are on a sunny beach, then opt for this style! To get this look, you need a few ocean/beach/palm tree posters to set the atmosphere. Get some white bedsheets to lighten the room and top it with lots and lots of plants. Make sure you pick a fruity tropics air freshener to plug in. Turn your floor into the sea/sand/grass with a sandy, blue or green coloured rug. For the ultimate touch, you can buy cheap artificial plants and flowers to create hanging vines across your room.

Check out Arthouse’s Copacabana cushion for a stylish subtle nod:





Moroccan souk

Who wouldn’t want to take a stroll around the souks in central Morocco? With terracotta being another key trend this summer, why not adorn your bed or sofa with Sophie Conran’s blue and bronze Anise cushions.





You can buy some beautifully coloured hanging lanterns and lights, and hang fabrics and tapestries to give your room that magical feel. Then, place a few ornaments, candles, and plants around your room. Decorate the floor with comfy rugs, pouffes and cushions, and light an incense to fill the room with a spicy aroma.

New York

If you are waiting to visit the Big Apple why not make yourself feel like you are already residing in the bustling city. Use wall art and prints to turn your walls into the NYC skyscraper horizon. Create a focal point to keep your travel dreams afloat with Arthouse’s Big City Dream Montage Print. The key attractions, such as the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building, will make you feel like you’re already there!


Go for a grey/black bedsheet colour scheme, and decorate your walls with fairy lights to replicate the city that never sleeps. You can then choose to path down the black and white cool sophisticated style, the cosy blanket, mugs and beanbags ‘Central Perk’ style, or a 1920’s Art Deco inspired decor.

Dalai Lama says, “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” For students that can sometimes be hard, so why not once a year, decorate your room based on a place you’ve never been before.


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