Scrubbee: Review of the new generation of Coffee Face Scrub


Natural, vegan, cruelty free… it’s hard to find reasons not to try Scrubbee if you’re on the hunt for a healthy new addition to your skincare collection. 


Lisa Kenney – Scrubbee Review

My first experience of the brand was with the coffee face scrub, and I must admit, I was a little dubious at first. But while the thought of applying coffee grounds to my face after a hard day at work felt slightly eccentric, the reality was more like invigorating.

The pot comes with a handy wooden spatula to stir up the product and the application process is as simple and straightforward as you could ever hope. I cleaned my face and applied the scrub to damp skin, before massaging it in for a few moments and easily washing it off afterwards. No stickyness, no residue, just the slight smell of coffee and the soothing creaminess of avocado. Lovely! Afterwards, my skin felt fresh, invigorated and smooth – with none of the dryness or irritation that I’ve previously experienced with other, more harsh exfoliating products. I’m looking forward to seeing how my skin
feels after a further week or two with this product, but after a first try, I’d be happy to recommend it – especially with winter coming in!

Ashley McGreary – Scrubbee Review

It smells like the most opulent coffee shop you could ever walk into, mixed with rich dark chocolate, and warm, earthy comfort. Scrubbee’s Coffee Face Scrub finds the way to be ethical, sustainable, all-natural, and still feel like an indulgence. With a texture half way between a solid and a liquid (which is fun in itself), it provides the perfect blend of exfoliant and cleanser, leaving skin feeling soft, clean, and smelling divine. Used twice a week, it’s also easy to incorporate into any skincare routine, and leaves a lasting nourished feeling between applications. 

The climate crisis is something we all have to face, and most of the actions we need to take aren’t as easy as choosing a great product with a green initiative. But some of them are. And stopping five cups of coffee going to landfill feels and looks fantastic.

Chloe Bayliss – Scrubbee Review

After a hot shower, the next thing I want to do is look after my skin. Already a fan of facemasks and scrubs, I was excited to try Scrubbees product of a Coffee face scrub. Perhaps the most exciting part is the fact that this product is made from coffee leftover from partner cafes to be used in products in order to reduce coffee waste. 

A sustainable product perfect for the eco-minded user. 

Gritty to the touch, this face scrub takes a bit of practice before you master how to apply it best to your face. It smells strong of coffee, with a hint of a more fruity aroma. Using it after a shower, my face was still wet, which made rubbing the product in easier. Practising circular motions as suggested by the instructions on the jar, the product felt nice on my skin once rubbed in, not in any way irritating. Once applied, I left it sitting on my face for a couple of minutes, as suggested, before rubbing it off with hot water.

Leaving my face feeling refreshed and clean, Scrubbees Coffee face scrub is a nice way to end a hot wash before unwinding for the rest of your evening. Once I have been using it for longer, I hope to see more results lasting throughout my day.

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