Dublin based Producer Shane Codd on his latest single “Always on My Mind”


Dublin based producer Shane Codd has always felt deep down that a career in music was for him. Going onto explain how his parents used to play music around him as a kid, and it was something he absolutely loved. Highlighting how during his time at school he would watch Tomorrowland videos and dream of being a DJ. Fast forward to today, we caught up with Dublin producer to discuss his latest release & new single “Always on Mind”.

Always on My Mind

For his latest single, the producer linked up with singer, Charlotte Haining, which for Codd, was the first time he collaborated with a vocalist. A change which helped broaden the producers creative mindset on utilizing collaborations for his work going forward. He explains that the inspiration behind the music is a follow on from his single “Get Out My Head”. The idea of wanting to make people feel something and dance! Further inspired by the 90s and 00s dance music, Codd has always loved the high tempo and uplifting vibe this style of music creates. Further stengthen by the notion of going against the odds and chasing his dream to share his music with the world.

For the producer, he humbly admits he is still learning and meeting people, with lockdown taking its toll. Although he feels inspired through the work being undertaken by fellow producers watching them and listening to their music. With his advice for those seeking a music career to take your time as in his view there is a lot to take in but most importantly to do what you love.

The producer opens up about working through anxiety and OCD, which seemed to start when he was young. “Its only now that I am understanding it more and trying to manage it. Sometimes I don’t manage it well, I do get a lot of intrusive thoughts and I need to sort of ground myself when that happens. I do find listening to music helps a lot and keeping busy”. He highlights that his greatest challenge to date has been releasing his follow up single “Get Out My Head”. 

With current plans in the works including a catalogue of new music to be released this year in addition to 
working on his alias project – SDC. #watchthisspace