What to take to Uni in your First Year!?


Sitting in your room at your parents house looking around at all your belongings and deciding what to take with might seem daunting but there are a few ways you can make this process easier.

1. Talk to your housemates/flatmates first

If you are moving into shared accommodation, talk to your new flatmates or housemates about what you all need to take collectively. You wont all need to bring pots and pans or a kettle – you wont have the space so make a list and assign different things to different people to bring. Or even better, plan a shopping trip for when you arrive to agree on these things as a group (just consider how you will split it when the time comes to move out though). If you opt for certain people to bring certain things, do consider what that might mean if one person gets super possessive over their TV or coffee machine.

2. Bedding

This sounds obvious but bed sizes do differ and on your first night after maybe travelling all day, you want to make sure you have a comfy bed to get into! Getting the right sheet is the most important thing – you can always sort out a bigger or smaller duvet or more or less pillows later. Also, don’t forget a spare set of bedding – you do need to wash it every week or so and the last thing you want to be doing is changing your bed at midnight when your only set has finally dried. Bedding is quite an expensive investment but making sure you have comfortable pillows, the right tog duvet and some bedding that makes your room feel like home will ensure a good nights sleep.

3. Electronics

Before getting excited about setting up your music studio or gaming station in your bedroom, check what connections there are and the WiFi capabilities. Think about the space as well – if you take up all your desk with equipment, where will you study? And how will your flatmates or housemates feel if you take over the dining table? You may need to compromise by watching box sets on your laptop instead of taking your 42” TV with you. Your uni will have lots of societies and if you live in private halls, there will be some amazing facilities so it might be best to leave that stuff at home.

4. Essentials

Bring some personal things to make your room home such as photos of family and friends – you wont be allowed to stick these to the wall but you might have a noticeboard so don’t forget the drawing pins; A door-stop is handy to wedge your door open so you can be prepared to make friends; A plug-in light for your desk or bedside table – don’t forget spare bulbs; washing powder or liquid – maybe the same as what you’re used to at home and if you can, bring a stock of larder food such as oil, cans, pasta and cereal. It is important to feel at home in your new surroundings but you also have to be realistic about the space you have and who you might be sharing with.

Written by Sarah Canning – Student Accommodation Features Editor