Isle of Wight band As We Leave on “Stories We Tell”


“We’ve been in and out of the music industry all our adult lives in one capacity or another, we have always loved making music so inevitably we were going to gravitate towards it but we never set our goals depending on the industry.”

As We Leave are lifelong friends, all situated on the picturesque bay of Sandown on the Isle of Wight. Their music is awash with rural island heritage and wide-angled frames of rose-tinted nostalgia. Layers of sun-kissed Americana dazzle the edges of British vulnerability, with shared memories of school days and travelling the world all wound into the band’s rich and cohesive framework.

We caught up with lead artist Caine Entwistle to find out more about the bands humble beginnings, including the highly anticipated release of their new release “Stories We Tell”. A song that the band feel is described best as a nostalgia tale, bittersweet melancholy that everyone feels when they are old enough to look back. In addition to being a product of their personal development as artists over the course of their lives.

The band describe their music as eclectric indie, although prefer to define their artistry as an honest reflection of their friendship and experiences. This is the very reason the band feels their music stands out, highlighting how as best friends, their bond enables them to produce music far more honestly in a collaborative art form.

Whilst the artists choose not to pick a particular favourite song. Instead they choose to focus on the fact that when producing something that you know is good, you get extremely excited about it, an emotion which is key to developing their music into one with longevity.

“The process and journey is the artists reward, like raising a child, once its out in the world it takes a life of its own, its for you guys …  any favourites after that are because the song has other associations, like the crowd singing a song back, a memorable performance, placed in a film you like etc.”

According to Entwistle, when it comes to their fans, he’s keen for their listeners to take what emotion they feel at the time of hearing the song and embrace it. Highlighting the importance of not telling listeners what to think or feel.

When it comes to the production of their music, Entwistle goes onto explain how you always have people around you who are either trying to influence you in some form, something that can be either beneficial or detrimental. He highlights how they are lucky enough to have been brought up on a beautiful little island, with good parents and siblings, in addition to a tight friendship group. Something which has only influenced the band in a positive way.

Experiencing Highs and Lows

Entwistle explains how they have experienced lies and false hopes during their quest to producing their music, but thankfully have never found themselves bullied whilst in the music industry. They have experienced bullying during their school years. Something which they chose to overcome by incorporating their emotions into their music. For Entwistle, it’s very straight forward when dealing with bullying individuals. To isolate them, leaving them with nothing but themselves and are forced to reflect on why they are alone.

Social media has become a very important aspect of the bands life. However, the artists do note that as they never grew up with it, they do not care for it much. Although, they do understand the relevance of the platforms on connecting with their audience.

Ultimately, according to the band, it is vitally importance to have people a kin to the music you want to produce working with you. Explaining how they would have always made music for themselves. Having done so since they were kids, and the music industry has no sway over that but in meeting their current label and those associated with it.  Having been given the confidence and opportunity to reach a much larger audience.

Looking Ahead

For the band its vitally important to make music for yourself, “because you have to, need to, want to… if your making music to be famous or make a lot of money.. you will fail”.  The band is currently writing and recording the next release, with plans to work on an EP release by Christmas, album next year, and supporting slots for a good bands in addition to a few festival appearances.  With their own mini label, Prison Records, the band hope they can grow and offer similar spaces for other struggling artists.

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